Twitter labels video retweeted by Trump as 'manipulated media'

It’s the first time Twitter has called a video “deceptively altered or fabricated.”

A video created by the White House social media director and retweeted by Donald Trump is the first to be tagged by Twitter as “manipulated media.” The video shows Democratic candidate Joe Biden appearing to endorse Trump after the end of his sentence was pruned off. Twitter came up with the guideline last year ahead of the 2020 election to highlight “video that has been significantly altered or fabricated in a way that intends to mislead people or changes its original meaning.”

The original video showed Biden saying: “Excuse me. We can only re-elect Donald Trump if in fact we get engaged in this circular firing squad here. It’s gotta be a positive campaign.” However, Scavino cut off the end of the video so it just said, “Excuse me. We can only re-elect Donald Trump.”

The video marks the first time Twitter has used the “manipulated media” tag, according to the Washington Post . The social media company first showed the policy in November 2019, created after consulting with users and experts from institutions like Witness, the Reuters Institute and New York Universities. It’s designed to help Twitter crack down on misleading information leading up to the 2020 election. During the 2016 campaign, it was widely blamed for allowing fake news to circulate on the platform.

The label first started to appear to users on Sunday night, but it has only showed up on timelines and not searches. (The label did not show up for me at 2:30AM ET when I searched for Scavino’s tweet.) However, Twitter spokesperson Katie Rosborough told the WaPo that it’s working on a fix for that.

Scavino claimed on Twitter that the video was “not manipulated,” though it was certainly “deceptively edited” which also violates Twitter’s rule. Twitter has been reluctant in the past to take action against Trump’s tweets, even though they sometimes violate its standards, [for reasons of]“newsworthiness” and “public interest.”

Facebook, by contrast, did not flag the tweet as deceptive, drawing a rebuke from the Biden campaign. “Facebook’s malfeasance when it comes to trafficking in blatantly false information is a national crisis in this respect,” said Biden campaign manager Greg Schultz in a statement to the NY Times . “It is also an unconscionable act of putting profit above not just our country, but every country.”


He’s also tweeting out memes. Like this one.

The US president in the midst of a possible pandemic, has time to focus on this.

Whilst the story of Nero fiddling whilst Rome burned is rather fanciful it may fit nicely here all the same.


It was deceptive and dishonest. Trump should disavow.


Key word is “should”, but there is not much of a history of him doing what he “should”, so I’m not holding my breath.


Facebook is going to face a big problem if Biden wins.
Trump as a pioneer of misleading is not news any more

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Facebook labels manipulated video of Biden ‘endorsing’ Trump as ‘partly false’

Twitter isn’t the only one flagging a manipulated Trump video to warn users. Facebook has labeled a video of presidential hopeful Joe Biden appearing to endorse Trump as “partly false information,” citing independent fact-checking from Lead Stories. The company told Engadget in a statement that it was both “reducing [the video’s] distribution” and applying warning labels, and that it was applying the treatment to a politician just as it would for a bogus video shared by anyone else.

As before, the clip was edited to cut off important context for Biden’s statement. Where the manipulated video shows him saying “we can only re-elect Donald Trump,” the unedited piece shows him saying “we can only re-elect Donald Trump if in fact we get engaged in this circular firing squad here,” referring to the heated debate between supporters of Democrat candidates.

Like with earlier clips twisting footage of Nancy Pelosi, Facebook has stopped short of removing the video outright. The Biden campaign has already blasted Facebook in the past, and portrayed this latest incident as symptomatic of a “national crisis” that reflects Facebook’s willingness to enable the “spread of vile lies” for the sake of money. However, Facebook appears to be trying for a balance between accountability for false claims and dismissing allegations of an anti-conservative bias. In that light, it may be less about profit (although Facebook isn’t averse to running false ads) and more about minimizing the chance of a political uproar.

A good working definition of politics…


He did legitimately make a gaff. This seems a bit like Twitter trying to cover for “sleepy Joe.”

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That name always reminds me of a blues singer, and now ‘Sleep Joe’ will perform his greatest hits, 'Hug 'em and Squeeze ‘em’ and ‘Confusion blues’. He may have trouble with the lyrics so please will the audience help him along.

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A gaff? No, it was a misleading lie by the Trump campaign…

If I man is asked, did you commit that crime, and he answers “I did not !”, and a recording of his reply conveniently stops at “I did!” is misleading at best, and a lie at worst.

And, review of the entire recording of what Biden said, and how it was manipulated by the Trump campaign, make is misleading or a lie!


Unscrupulous! What else can you say.

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Why would this sort of lie be any surprise? The only thing that the White House has excelled at is propaganda, which is equal to the finest totalitarian rulers. Money has bought the best, the election, and now, Newthink.


OK, so what 's he supposed to do? Run around D.C. with Lysol wipes? Hmmm…just what did Obama do about SARS? Play golf?

Good grief!

Trump Derangement Syndrome is America’s first epidemic.

Yes. Because he’s a teen who needs to be on social media tweeting out memes, and not the president of the US. It used to be a serious job.

I’m not deranged by the way. Thanks.


He isn’t the story.

History got rewritten this afternoon then?

10 of the Deadliest Epidemics in American History

  1. Swine Flu - 2009.
  2. AIDS - 1980s- Present.
  3. Asian Flu - 1957.
  4. Spanish Influenza - 1918.
  5. Polio - 1894, 1916 and 1949-1952.
  6. Cholera - 1832 - 1848.
  7. Tuberculosis - 1800-1922.
  8. Yellow Fever - 1793 and 1853.
  9. Measles - 1772 - Present.
  10. Smallpox - 1633 - 1782.
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Do you accuse yourself? I did not.

The media hates Trump, distorts and lies about virtually everything he does. That is not in dispute, is it? So, he sidesteps them which shatters their fragile progressive egos and leads them to self-derangement. The radical progressives have yet learned that when your undergarments are in a bunch, it might be best to go commando.

You did not answer about Obama.

The virus is about people not Trump. Trump Derangement syndrome to many is the reflexive thinking," but how does this affect Trump?"

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I was speaking of today.

I think my point is being made?

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