Twitter refuses to remove insane, vicious death threats against Covington students

.Thu Jan 24, 2019 - 10:24 am EST

Twitter refuses to remove insane, vicious death threats against Covington students

Alexander Hall

January 24, 2019 (NewsBusters) – Twitter has refused to delete many calls for violence by verified Twitter celebrities against conservative Catholic students or suspend the offenders from the platform.

A fake news story falsely accused Covington Catholic High School students of harassing a Native American activist outraged the internet this past weekend. The story has since been corrected by some outlets, but the damage has been done. Twitter has still not taken down many of these threats or calls for violence.

Twitchy reported the most violent example. It featured Hollywood producer Jack Morrissey, who worked on Disney’s Beauty and the Beast , tweeting that the Covington kids should be thrown screaming into a wood chipper. He included imagery of a wood chipper spraying . . .

Please remember this.


Please remember this.

Next week we will be hearing from the usual cadre of BIG Business and BIG Government people about how “fair” and “unbiased” these MEGA social media firms are.

They will wax on about how this is all “algorithms” and ignore that humans “bake-in” these biases into their algorithms and proverbially laugh about it behind the scenes even in leaked emails.

And how even when the algorithms are not “kook” enough, they will have people overseeing things to make sure leftist ideology is implemented anyway.

And attempt to fool and manipulate you and others into believing that groups like the SPLC are really unbiased anti-hate overseers . . . .

. . . and not leftist political huge business and huge GOVERNMENT pushing tax-free idealogue organizations.

And when that does not work they will arrogantly attempt to intimidate you because they may know more about computer programming than you (ignoring the fact that some computer programmers will give you the same warnings of overt liberalism evangelization).

Or when “community standards” are SELECTIVELY IMPLEMENTED, they will try to fool you into thinking that this was all “fair”. You tell them it is not fair. They insist it WAS fair.

Then when Facebook or whomever admits that the “ban” or “suspension” was inappropriate, the leftist apologists THEN change their tune and attempt to say how benevolent these nanny businesses are.

Or how being sooo large, this was an innocent honest mistake (when just two days earlier these same people talking about these same events were telling you it was NO MISTAKE and that this or that conservative BAN was FAIR and all a matter of . . . (You know what I am going to say) . . . “Community standards”.

“Community standards” which are always left poorly defined enough, that “community standards” can mean whatever Facebook, etc. SAYS it means.

Or that this is PRIVATE BUSINESS so we HAVE TO let them carry on as they want. (But KEEP giving them your TAXPAYER dollars for free in the form of subsidies, etc.)

Private business so we MUST let them have their way. Which is false. (Apartment owners are “private business”. They can get into trouble if they refuse to rent to a homosexual “couple”.)

And they will condescendingly talk down to you. Even about things you know you are much more knowledgable about (but you are not going to say that on a public forum where you are attempting to preserve at least SOME of your privacy).

Or they will try running down your source while IGNORING the information from that source.

And when all that fails, they will start in with name-calling (i.e. your complaint about Facebook is a “conspiracy”).

But never offer an apology when two days later Facebook in affect admits they were wrong but blames it on mere “error” instead of their bias.

Remember how calling for the death of these Covington kids, bloody violent images, overt bullying of children, etc. are all now ACCEPTABLE. But Alex Jones is the REAL problem.

Just remember all this the next time the leftists are attempting to fool you about how “fair” these monstrously over-sized companies are.

Please remember this.


The lawsuits will be going ahead now. An adult public figure does not have much recourse if defamed. And I think I’ve heard or read that even if one does think he has been defamed, the defamer can claim his own negligence to do proper research as a defence although I could be wrong about that. With a minor, and especially a minor who is not a public figure, not even negligence is a defence. You had better not be negligent when accusing a minor. The people and news organizations who are still doubling down against these kids are going to get sued.

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Morrissey took down his own tweet and apologized so fast that Twitter did not need to “take it down.” This event is certainly a criticism of Morrissey for tweeting what he did in the first place, but it is an unfair criticism of Twitter, implying that they “refused” to take it down.

If there is something like that still on Twitter, please provide a direct link to the tweet proving it.

The lawyers will go through the named people’s computers. They have been sent ‘letters of preservation’, which is the first step towards lawsuits.

Are you saying that I am saying that the material for a lawsuit is to be found solely on twitter? I think that as the commenter says, either there is compromising material on their computers and they will be sued for that, or if not they will be sued for tampering with evidence. Either way they will be caught in legal move reminiscent of a fork in chess. They damaged these kids and they will be held accountable.

Edit - also, take a look at this: Lawyers for Catholic Student Nick Sandmann Prepare to Sue Media, Celebrities for Libel

Twitter would tell you that vicious death threats against MAGA hat wearing white supremacists isn’t insane at all…

This is interesting: Colorado teacher faces termination after misidentifying Covington student, calling him ‘Hitler Youth’

Apparently, a school teacher misidentified a student as being the student smirking in the picture, and doxxed him! It is reported that she made her twitter account private but still refused to take down the offending tweet*. The father of the misidentified boy even proved his son was at a basketball game hundreds of miles away, but still the teacher’s mistaken dox remained.

Meanwhile, the Covington student’s attorney adds cyber bulling, assault threats as new cause of action.

*The offending tweet: what a weird turn of phrase, but in this timeline it’s a real thing.

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