Twitter Refuses To Unlock NYPost Account Unless Paper Deletes Tweets About Hunter Biden

So now you can’t even get the facts on what happened with these laptops. This is a national story. and the facts show be put out there.


You don’t need Twitter to read an online news media outlet. Many of us don’t use Twitter for anything because it’s just a dumb cesspool of people vying for retweets and yelling at each other.

Of course the NYPost is not going to delete the tweets. The free publicity it’s getting from this is priceless.


Twitter deletes President Trump’s Tweets when they’re untrue. The NYPost’s Tweets must be untrue. Or they must violate Twitter’s TOS in some clear way. Right? I mean, that’s the only reasonable explanation, other than Twitter being a huge flaming pile of leftist bias?

I think this is indicative of an interesting trend: That Twitter is a more important mouthpiece for the NYPost than its own website. Honestly, the social media outlets outrank hosted web content because they are far more effective at blasting the word out into the world.

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More specifically, they add a comment and lower the visibility tweets from nation leaders when they think they are deceptive but remove them when they think the tweet will lead to harm.

For the “normal” accounts, when something violates the ToS, the user is logged out from all devices. When the user logs back in, they are confronted with a message about the offending tweet. To restore the ability to tweet they must delete the offer doing message. Then the account works just as if nothing had happened.

In such cases, the user of the account can restore the ability for the account to tweet at any time.

I think this may be a lot of fuss over a would that NY Post can heal at the time of its choosing.

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Why would it want to?

Frankly, the story in and of itself is boring. It was unlikely to affect anyone’s vote. The credibility Twitter is giving it by blocking it is giving it way more effect than it would have had if they ignored it.

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I thought of the Streisand Effect when I saw what was going on.

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I know at least two people who tell me that they do not want to vote for Donald Trump, but they are not enthused by Biden. So this people may still be swayed.

The story might look boring, to an uninformed person. But if I understand this correct, which I am sure I am not. President Trump was being impeached for what he said about Biden and Burisma. So this bombshell would mean that the Impeachment of the Democrats was wrong and Trump was right.

The story is about the Biden Family making money of Biden being a Vice President.

The guy is innocent until proven guilty. But this information can open the investigation. If true, then the law must be applied, if false, then nothing to see here. But an investigation at least has to happen.

He was being impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of congress.

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You mean he was falsely being impeached by the democrats for abuse of power and obstruction.


The above. Never looked at Twitter for more than one minute and have no interest in doing so from what I’ve seen.

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No, I mean what I said. To be impeached is to be called into question for misconduct. He was really called into question.

I looked up the impeachment. It was in relation to Ukraine and Biden. So this is really about that. When you look up what the “Abuse” was. It was trying to “influence” the election for bringing up the Ukraine/Biden scandal. Which was “Discredited” according to the source.

If it was really discredited, then this be nothing. But if this turns out to be true and it shows that Biden did what President Trump said, then that “Discredited” was false, and we were lied to.

If Biden did this or not, I do not know. But recent “Evidence” suggest that it might be true and Biden Family was being enriched for making deals with another nation. But as of now, it is just “If”. I like due process.


Everyone uses twitter and it is a big news source so that is what bothers me. Let the story play out and let the facts come out.

The New York Post is one of the oldest newspapers in America. It is a respected newspaper.

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I’m going to guess this is hyperbole. As the existence of a single person that does not use Twitter would show it as not true.

But human communication was achievable before there was Twitter and continues to occur even in the absence of Twitter’s involvement. People will be able to continue to share stories.

The Ukraine/Biden scandal is not really relevant. Trump was soliciting help for his reelection from a foreign source, which is illegal.

The Ukraine/Biden scandal can certainly be investigated some more, but it does not matter to whether Trump was properly impeached. It seems likely that Giuliani’s hard drive is a Russian misinformation plant, but maybe it is real. Investigate it some more. It will not change that Trump solicited assistance for his reelection campaign from the Ukraine.

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It is a very popular site and just because some do not use it does not make it so.

Off course it is relevant. It may not affect this election cycle but the fact is Joe Biden was a senator ( and vice president) for 47 years. He enriched himself to a tune of 17 million not including what he will keep in this election cycle.

His brothers enriched themselves through his connection and his sons also enriched themself from his connection. It is important. Squashing the story is not acceptable…

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Hmmm…the form of this response is that of a statement that is disputing something said, but it doesn’t appear to dispute anything I’ve said.

I’m going to take this to mean only that you are saying Twitter is popular.

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Oops. You are right.

The Ukraine/Biden story is not relevant to Trump’s impeachment. It may have been the reason Trump solicited help for his reelection from a foreign source, but he was impeached for what he did, not why he did it.

The story is very much relevant to the election, and should be investigated. Giuliani should give the hard drive to CIA or NSA for analysis and authentication.

My impression was that iit was the FBI who has all 3 computers and has had them for over 8 months, the ones that were given to the repair shop and Guliani has a copy of one hardrive.

Are you saying that Guiliani kept one hard drive?

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