Twitter Refuses To Unlock NYPost Account Unless Paper Deletes Tweets About Hunter Biden

They can delete the Tweets in question and make a new one. The remedy is so easy as to make it difficult for me to see this as a problem. It kind of feels like someone that is locked out of their apartment being told there’s a new key under their mat, but the person refusing to pick up the new key.

No, he was not soliciting help. Learn the facts, not what the progressive media wants you to believe.

Yes he was. Learn the facts, not what the conservative media wants you to believe.

Using the powers of his high office, President Trump solicited the interference of a foreign government, Ukraine, in the 2020 United States Presidential election. He did so through a scheme or course of conduct that included soliciting the Government of Ukraine to publicly announce investigations that would benefit his reelection, harm the election prospects of a political opponent, and influence the 2020 United States Presidential election to his advantage. President Trump also sought to pressure the Government of Ukraine to take these steps by conditioning official United States Government acts of significant value to Ukraine on its public announcement of the investigations.
116th Congress. Article 1 from a resolution to Impeach Donald J. Trump

Why delete when everyone has access to them? Deleting may confuse people. I don’t see changing the tweets. Still, they are locked out and can’t put anything else on the site but they probably realize that if they post further info, they will get shut down once again.

Huh? I don’t follow you. Right now the tweets in question are not visible to the public. Only NY Post has access to them.

The article is on the Twitter site. Twitter feed is not active. The last news article is October 14th though.

The NY Post is the winner in all of this. The story about Twitter and allowing a platform to certain news is far more compelling than the NY Post story.

The original story is pretty obviously nonsense. A guy who may or may not have been Hunter Biden takes his computer to the shop of a hardcore Trump supporter. Said laptop just happens to have red flag emails that spell out a “pay for play” scheme. Owner of laptop never picks it up. Computer guy decides to copy the hard drive and give it to Rudy Guiliani’s lawyer. Nothing about this is weird at all. Oh — the computer also has pics of Hunter smoking crack and engaging in sex acts.

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Okay, then what you mean to say is why block the link if people are still able to access the article otherwise.

I don’t presume to be able to speak for Twitter, but I know what concerns I would have before unblocking such a link. As mentioned earlier, if the story were false, the then NY Post would have liability for it. For the original link, Twitter wouldn’t have liability. But now that they have touched the original Tweet, if they put it back, it could be argued that they were voluntarily involved in that Tweet.

There was a service(Backpage, kind of like Craig’s List) that otherwise had Section 230© immunity to content that other people posted, but ended up having liability when they played some role in correcting a mistake in a post that another entity had made. Having touched it, they were involved in the production of the post and had liability. They were sued and lost.

Were I in their place, I would have concerns with potential liabilities that could come from restoring a user’s post myself. Before doing so, I would want to speak to legal council to see what liabilities I was assuming by restoring it. If there’s a chance of picking up liabilities, then it would be safer to play no active role in the content being made available and allow the user to assume all of that liability.

Not nonsense. Why would Hunter Biden’s lawyers want someone’s laptops? These three laptops are real and the repair shop is real. It doesn’t take too much today to identify if it was Hunter Biden going into a repair shop.

The FBI got the laptops through a supoena. Let the facts come out. Facebook and Twitter will not keep the story squashed

The Biden family is so corrupt. JIm Biden make a 1.5 Billion deal on Iraq housing not bad. Hunte’r’s employment in the Ukraine and China, all political.

RICO may be used in this case. RICO is an act that actual was used on prolife people. Remember Joe Scheidler case in Chicago. It took years but was finally won . Joe Scheidler had to put his house into hock and it was a very long battle.

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This is not some rinky-dink but a 220-year newspaper. If the Boston Globe or NYtimes ran the story, would it be published? Of course, it would because they are an old established news outlet with a very long history of being reputable, same with the New York Post.

So if they say they have the facts and are willing to risk it all for the story let the story run.

Hmmm…That’s another strange response. Doesn’t appear to be a reply to anything I’ve said.

What is strange about it. You have your own opinions and granted there may be some validity to them. Would Twitter or Facebook take these same concerns into consideration if it was the Bsoton Globe or NYtimes.

Maybe they would but I think they would allow the story to run.

The story about Hunter Biden is not a new story but an old story. Hunter Biden got a sweetheart deal from China for his company.

BHR was founded in 2013, by two Chinese-registered asset managers, Bohai Industrial Investment Fund and Harvard Investment Management and two U.S. organisations, Thornton Group LLC and .[2][3][4] The Chinese registered Rosemnt Seneca Partnersd asset managers are BCC International Banking backed Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management and Deutsche Bank -backed Harvard Fund Management. The U.S. partners as a pair and the two Chinese partners each own a 30% stake in the joint management firm.[4]

According to the Wall Street Journal , “Bohai is China’s oldest private equity firm, having launched the country’s first yuan-denominated fund in 2006. Harvest Fund Management is one of China’s largest asset managers, with previous private equity ventures, including with a jointly held fund investing in both domestic and overseas real estate”.[4] Thornton Group is a Boston-based cross-border investment advisory firm founded by Michael Lin and James Bulger, son of former Massachusetts state Senate President William Bulger.[3] Rosemont Seneca is a Washington, D.C.-based investment and advisory firm, founded by Devon Archer, Christopher Heinz, and Hunter Biden, who is the son of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.[3][5] According to The New Yorker , in June 2013, “[Jonathan] Li, Archer, and other business partners signed a memorandum of understanding to create the fund, which they named BHR Partners, and, in November, they signed contracts related to the deal. Hunter became an unpaid member of BHR’s board but did not take an equity stake in BHR Partners until after his father left the White House”.[6]

Hunter Biden announced he would resign Hunter Biden announced his intention to resign in October 2019 so as not to complicate the U.S. Presidential aspirations of his father, [Joe Biden]but as of Q2 2020 company records still show him employed as a board member.


This is your opinion . I understand your concerns.Are the three computers owned by Hunter Biden. The New York Post believe them to be owned by Hunter Biden and is willing to print the story knowing they will be sued if what they have printed is false. … Again the Hunter Biden cornnections story is an old story

Are Jack Dorsey and Zuckerman really concerned about a lawsuit? I do not know…

They are creating more of a story by blocking the New York Post on Twitter and Facebook.

Apparently the protectiona are already in place for Twitter and Facebook.

This language, a single sentence in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, establishes a baseline of protection for internet platforms from being held liable for things published by their users. That’s why Section 230 is widely regarded as the law that permitted the internet as we know it today—from Facebook and Twitter to Wikipedia and Reddit, filled with user-generated content—to thrive.

Such protections may not be applicable to a post if a company plays a role in the production of the content. The protection is not a blanket protection for all content available through online service providers, but only applicable to user generated content for which the service provider is not involved. When the service provider has involvement, they are considered one of the speakers/publishers of an item of content in question and have liabilities for it.

Online service providers have suffered liabilities before for user generated content be being involved, even if only marginally so. Such a case was previously mentioned.

There are also amendments to section 230© that define other conditions in which the immunity is not applicable.

Wow! Yet a new level of censorship.

Trump calls it , “The laptop from H***”.at his rallies.

Many are obviously in the tank for Biden on this.

There is no way Biden could even be considered to win if it wasn’t without such election interference.

(This from the people who have been telling us for the last four years they are against election interference.
But all that talk from them was all FAKE. It was all projection.)






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2020 Presidential Election

Published 4 hours ago

Social media backlash resurrected over Biden’s transition team’s ties to Facebook and Twitter

A former Facebook exec will oversee enforcement of the Biden campaign’s ethics plan

By Evie Fordham, Yael Halon | Fox News

Big tech faces accusations of bias over Hunter Biden story

Accusations of big tech bias erupt as Facebook and Twitter block Hunter Biden story.

The Biden campaign is facing renewed criticism over its deep connections with Big Tech after both Twitter and Facebook censored a story from The New York Post detailing allegedly corrupt business deals by Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden.


The move prompted fresh criticism on social media over the Biden transition team’s hiring of top Facebook executive Jessica Hertz, which reportedly came days after the 2020 Democrat’s campaign penned a letter to the social media giant urging them to censor President Trump’s posts.

Twitter’s suppression of the Hunter Biden revelations also came days after the company’s director of public policy, Carlos Monje, reportedly left his post to work for the Biden transition team.

Joe Concha, a media reporter for The Hill, underscored the timing of the events on Twitter Sunday after a user observed that the New York Post is “still locked out of its Twitter account for publishing a story that made Joe Biden look bad.”


“In a related story, Carlos Monje recently left Twitter as director of public policy to join Joe Biden’s transitional team,” Concha wrote.

Other Twitter users accused the Biden campaign of “not even trying to hide it at all,” noting that both Hertz and Monje have history working for Democrats. . . .

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That is interesting. Can’t see this story going away any time soon. How can you lockout a well-known newspaper?

Media outlets are going nuts trying to stop the story but the laptop is there and people want to know what is on it. It is really an old story about Hunter Biden.

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