Twitter Suspends Alex Jones for Seven Days Over Tweet


WASHINGTON — Twitter on Tuesday suspended the account of the far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for a week after he tweeted a link to a video calling for supporters to get their “battle rifles” ready against media & others, in a violation of the company’s rules against inciting violence.

The action effectively prevents Jones from tweeting or retweeting from his personal account for seven days, though he will be able to browse Twitter. The Twitter account for Infowars, the media website founded by Jones, was not affected.

The move was Twitter’s harshest against Jones after other tech companies took steps last week to ban him from their platforms. The removals began when Apple announced it would purge videos & other content by Jones & Infowars because of hate speech, followed by FB, YouTube & then Spotify. Twitter was the sole holdout among the major tech companies in not taking down content from Jones, who has called the Sandy Hook shooting a hoax conducted by crisis actors.

Twitter’s chief executive, Jack Dorsey, has been resolute in the company’s decision to keep Jones’s account online. He has said Twitter did not think that Infowars & Jones violated its rules, which prohibit direct threats of violence & some forms of hate speech but allow deception or misinformation.

But the lack of action prompted criticism of Twitter from its users — & even from some of its own employees. Late last week, Twitter began softening its tone, especially after CNN & others found more than half a dozen tweets from Jones that clearly violated the company’s policies. Twitter said it ordered Jones to take those tweets down.

Even so, Twitter’s action on Tuesday stops short of a full ban of Jones from Twitter & leaves many questions unanswered about what actually gets people booted off the service. The company’s policy calls for the short-term suspension of an account after repeated violations, but Twitter declined to clarify how many offenses would terminate Jones’s account permanently.

The suspension began after Jones tweeted or retweeted more than a dozen times during the day on Tuesday, including one post that linked to a live video session in which he apparently called for violence against certain groups, including the media. After a user flagged the tweet, Twitter said it determined the post violated its safety rules. Jones was ordered to take down the tweet linking to the video broadcast on Periscope, the live-streaming service that is owned by Twitter.

A Twitter spokesman declined to comment beyond confirming that Jones’s new tweet broke its rules & that he was frozen out of using the service for a week.


So the whole “net neutrality” thing was just a pose? The Left really doesn’t mind giant corporations conspiring to shut down free speech.


I recall that you have had at least one threatening post removed from CAF that referred to your “side” having guns and saying that in a confrontation it would not end well for the other side (I paraphrase)… That is the sort of post that got Jones suspended for a week - so you should realize from experience that net neutrality “does not block all abilities that Internet service providers have to impact their customer’s services.”


Twitter suspends InfoWars account one day after suspending Alex Jones


That isn’t what “net neutrality” is. If you didn’t know that, you should read up on it. If you did know that, you’re being a bit disingenuous in your post.


This isn’t related to net neutrality.

Also, as per the 2018 ruling of Charles Johnson v Twitter


Wow, he’s really asking for it.


Who has a right to free speech on a private company’s platform? You have a severe misunderstanding of the first amendment.


What are you talking about? This has zero to do with net neutrality.

And read up on free speech—Twitter is not the government.


Jack Dorsey says he’s rethinking the core of how Twitter works

Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey said he is rethinking core parts of the social media platform so it doesn’t enable the spread of hate speech, harassment and false news, including conspiracy theories shared by prominent users like Alex Jones and Infowars.

In an interview with The Washington Post on Wednesday, Dorsey said he was experimenting with features that would promote alternative viewpoints in Twitter’s timeline to address misinformation and reduce “echo chambers.” He also expressed openness to labeling bots — automated accounts that sometimes pose as human users — and redesigning key elements of the social network, including the “like” button and the way Twitter displays users’ follower counts.

“The most important thing that we can do is we look at the incentives that we’re building into our product,” Dorsey said. “Because they do express a point of view of what we want people to do — and I don’t think they are correct anymore.”

Dorsey’s openness to broad changes shows how Silicon Valley leaders are increasingly reexamining the most fundamental aspects of the technologies that have made these companies so powerful and profitable. At Facebook, for example, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has commissioned a full review of his company’s products to emphasize safety and trust, from mobile payments to event listings.


This is not an instance of net neutrality, although I can see how someone might think so if they don’t understand the distinction between ISPs and content providers.


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