Twitter temporarily restricted Trump campaign's ability to tweet over false Covid info

For the benefit of those that dont use twitter, when a person makes an offending tweet, they receive a notification from twitter identifying the tweet, the violation, and are notified that their account is locked until the tweet is deleted. The person may delete the tweet at any time to regain the ability to tweet.

Optionally, if a person believes an exception should be made to their tweet, they can appeal the decision. For example, tweets making specific threats violate rules. But a victim may decide to tweet that was made against themselves to make known that they are being threatened. Such cases have successfully appealed violation decisions.

“It was on the internet” is the new “it was in the newspaper”.

Ironically, what is in the newspaper or on the news is now called “Fake News”, but anything anyone without any expertise in any particular subject posts something on the internet it must be true?

Good on Face Book!

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