Two Americans With Ebola to Be Flown Back to US


Two American patients stricken with Ebola are to be flown from Africa to the U.S., ABC News has learned.

The patients will be transported one by one, sources said.

Meanwhile, there are plans to transfer a patient with Ebola virus infection to Emory University Hospital’s special facility containment unit within the next several days, hospital officials said today in a statement. Officials added that it’s unclear when the patient will arrive in Atlanta.


Thanks for posting this, but this just leaves me speechless. How much more reckless can people possibly be? This level of insanity/stupidity just boggles the mind…


My field isn’t medicine, but my understanding is that it is very containable if the patients are kept in isolation. In the West, Ebola really doesn’t have a chance of spreading.


I sure hope you are right!


Ebola is transmitted through bodily fluids, so as long as the transporters are careful about the precautions…


Emory University is located in Atlanta, Georgia. That city is also home to the Centers for Disease Control. The CDC conducts research in very deadly diseases, which requires Level 4 biosafety. Such a level of containment is very safe, however accidents sometimes happen to reseachers. For example:

Because the CDC needed to have a back up facility to provide medical care in the event of an accident, Emory University built a small unit to provide level four care.

In a release, Emory said they have a specially-built isolation unit set up in collaboration with the CDC to treat patients who are exposed to certain serious infectious diseases. The facility, they said, is physically separate from other patient areas of the hospital and is equipped to provide an extremely high level of clinical isolation.

The unit is on the ground floor of Emory University Hospital in the General Clinical Research Center. Emory’s facility of only one of four of its type in the nation.

The hospital’s 3-bed isolation unit features the highest standards in negative pressure air handling safeguards, Emory epidemiologist Bruce Ribner said. The unit’s air is high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtered before being exhausted outsdie the hospital, so there is no recirculation, and no one outside the facility is placed at risk.

“When this unit was being built, we hoped we’d never have to use the space to treat a serious communicable disease,” said Ribner, also associate professor of medicine. “However, we realize that with the numerous research laboratories and epidemiology field personnel the CDC has in Atlanta, we’ll probably use this unit several times a year.”


Not that I would deny these people care, or that I am expressing sour grapes, BUT - How many millions go without basic health care in this country, and yet these two people get flown home to be treated for Ebola? I just don’t understand.


These two people are Americans who have dedicated their lives to helping with this outbreak in one of the poorest parts of the world. If anyone deserves special treatment, it would be them.


Why are they bringing them to the US? I thought we had the worst healthcare system in the world? Isn’t Canada and Europe’s healthcare system better than the US’s?


We actually do “special situations” much better than routine care. The CDC is pretty much the top for investigative treatment of infectious disease.


Have some compassion please.
Anyway, they are both Americans so it follows they would come back to the US.
One was even a Missionary:(


How was I not compassionate? I said nothing about the two people. I hope they make a full recovery and may God bless them.


It was a joke.


oops :o


I hope you’re right, too. I’ve read more or less the same thing myself, but still…. I do realize that Outbreak was just a chintzy movie employing Ebola as a cheap plot device… It just seems insanely irresponsible if there is even the remotest chance of the virus escaping. I mean, do two people really warrant risking the exposure of both North and South America?


There isn’t much of a risk as this is a disease that if handled properly (Just keep the NIH and CDC away from it-those two orgos seem intent on letting some hellish scenario loose) can be contained completely. I would be interested to know the complete specifications of the isolation unit and whether all precautions were being followed.


Interesting crossover with pop culture: In the TV series Supernatural, August 1, 2014 is when a demonic plague was released in America that decimated the population. :bigyikes:


I have a friend whose favorite books are science fiction novels with a plague/pandemic theme. It would blow your mind if you saw his collection. There have been a lot of books written on the subject!

I’m almost finished reading one myself entitled The Doomsday Book, by Connie Willis.


Oh I apologise. I misread your post, I guess you were going for sarcasm.
I think I was a bit annoyed because I was talking to some people earlier today who thought they they should not have come back until they were well and I was still thinking about that when I read your post. Again I apologise.:slight_smile:


Also, two cases being treated at the CDC stand a much better chance of offering important information about the disease than a thousand cases in the wilds of Africa.

More information plus lots of the worlds best equipment and medical minds stand a better chance at a cure.

Which would be flown right back to the wilds of Africa.

Perhaps this is a chance to nip this one in the bud.

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