Two Annunciation Novenas at once?

I started the Annunciation Novena at the beginning of April, so a little later than March 25th, when it was supposed to start. This is the novena that lasts for 9 months and you can only have three intentions for each novena.

Anyway, yesterday I forgot to say it, and so today I said it twice to make up for it. But then I got the idea to say the same Novena again, for two of the same intentions, but for a different third intention, because that prayer has already been answered. I’m still going to continue to saying the original 9 month novena until it ends in January, but this would be in addition to that. Would that be considered “cheating”?

Can you say the same novena twice simultaneously for two different sets of intentions? I am not trying to be superstitious, I just feel like maybe I’m seeming ungrateful or something? Since the Blessed Mother has interceded for one of my prayers already and now I’m ready to ask her to intercede for something else? What do you think?

I pray multiple novenas to the same saint all the time for different intentions, but this one seems special to me, since it’s kind of a “big” novena, and I wanted to know what people thought.

Thank you.

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