I was just looking on a Baptist church website (lol) I was just checking to see what my friend believes, and I saw this why I clicked on how to join the church:

  1. Member candidates are received either 1) by professing repentance and faith in Jesus Christ for salvation, and then being baptized by immersion; or 2) without re-baptism by a transfer of letter from a sister church of like faith and practice (i.e., usually another Southern Baptist church).

So are they saying if you were baptized anywhere other then a Southern Baptist Church you need to be baptised again? Isnt this AGAINST the bible. I know Catholics have someone re-baptized if we know there were not baptized by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Yes, that is what it is saying.

Yes, it would be incompatible with the Catholic Church’s understanding of the Sacrament of Baptism.

So are they saying if you were baptized anywhere other then a Southern Baptist Church you need to be baptised again? Isnt this AGAINST the bible.

**This isn’t the only thing Southern Baptists do that is against the Bible.

They do so many things against the Bible I left them decades ago.**

No thats not what they are saying. You either become a member by becoming a Christian and being baptized OR by a transfer from a like-minded church. If you were sprinkled as a child, they would want believer’s baptism to occur.
Thats how I read it.
For example, a person coming from another church that practices believers baptism like the Evangelical Free Church.

In my experience Baptists don’t believe baptism is a sacrament, they call it an ordinance. They believe it had nothing to do with salvation and it makes you a member of a particular, not a universal, church. So yes, if you couldn’t get a letter of recomendation or came from another denomination you would have to be baptised into the church.

Hmmm… So say a Catholic would convert, they would make them get re-baptized since they got baptized as an infant, correct?

Yes. First the infant did not choose to be baptized. Secondarily baptism is a ceremony to join the congregation not to cleanse from past sin.

This may depend on each particular Baptist church. My friend is a Baptist, southern baptist, but i don’t know the differences between the southern baptist convention and other divisions. She told me that in order to become a baptist one must be baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and that when you are ounce a baptist you are always a baptist so if you join another baptist church you do not have to be re-baptized. So I think it depends on the individual ministers view/understanding of the Roman Catholic Church. I don’t think you would HAVE to be re-baptized.

Baptists do come in a variety of flavors. But generally, the rule is that in order to join a given church, one must have undergone Biblical believers baptism. This requires baptism by immersion, in the name of the Trinity, and it has to be at an age of discretion. This can vary; I was eight. The pastor met twice with me, to determine I was able to understand the process. I am aware of baptisms at age six, but an infant baptist, or one not by immersion, would normally not be counted as qualifying.

Alternatively, if one could produce a letter of membership from another church that followed such a procedure, certifying you had been baptized in such a fashion already, this would be accepted. What was being done in either case was a ritual necessary for joining an individual church. In mine, prospective new members would go forward at an altar call, and be presented to the church as candidates for membership. The members would actually vote (show of hands) to allow the applications to proceed, via a proper baptism.

No, I haven’t been a Baptist for 50 years.


Anglicanus Catholicus

Thank you for your responses…
GKC- are you Catholic now?

Yes. They would say the first baptism was not biblical

Assuming that the parents had their child baptized. If you were an adult convert to Christianity and then Baptized by a Catholic Priest I don’t believe that claim would be made. Unless it is a by immersion only church.

My personal experience from when I was a Baptist years ago
I do not know of many Baptist churches that are not immersion only! Kind of like a Pentecostal not speaking in tongues…:smiley:

You would say no, I would say yes; I’m an Anglican of the Anglo-Catholic persuasion.



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