Two Basic Types Of Homosexuality


There are two basic degrees or types of homosexuality. Individuals in the first group may, or may not be aware of their mental disorder, and therefore not all will see the need to seek professional counseling. This group struggles with their unnatural feelings and prefers to keep them private, and they deserve our compassion.

Some women who have a domineering father will only be attracted to those of their own sex because they have learned not to respect men. The same is true of some men who have a domineering mother. Others, should one of their parents/guardians not truly love them, from a very early age may unconsciously imitate certain masculine or feminine characteristics of the parent/guardian that they most admired. However, not all become homosexuals - as with every human being, our moral state determines our ability to resist the temptations we experience.

The other more severe type is made up of individuals who are “avowed,” practicing homosexuals. Through their own free will, they choose to live an immoral lifestyle. These individuals do not seek to change or confess their sinfulness - they have no shame, and most have many partners. They desire acceptance of the scandal they create, and are openly proud of their unnatural behavior. These type homosexuals and lesbians seek the “right” to publicly practice their unnatural behavior, and accuse anyone who admonishes them of being “prejudiced,” or of “discrimination.”

These individuals, and others who live immoral lives, as well as those who give their approval or “consent” to morally sick lifestyles, are included in the warnings and condemnations recorded throughout Sacred Scripture. For example: “They who do such things, are worthy of death (Hell), and not only they who do them, but they also that CONSENT to them that do them” (Romans 1:32).

Vincent Bemowski


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