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Is today a Holly day of obligation? If it so, can I attend mass after 5 PM?

My Priest told me no on that one, The 5 o clock Mass is for Sunday, so it won’t count for the Immaculate Conception Mass

Your priest is very wrong. Any Mass attended today will fulfill the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. However, the vigil Mass at 5pm can be applied to EITHER the Solemnity OR the Sunday obligation, but not both. As long as the Mass is before 7pm (and someone correct on that time if it is incorrect), then said Mass fulfills that specific days obligation.

Just to clarify though, it is not a two-for-one deal. You must attend 2 Masses for this weekend. One for the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady, and the other for your Sunday obligation.

God Bless You.

If this is the case you must make sure that the later Mass you are attending is the correct one.

One can not attend only one Mass today and cover by the Obligations for Immaculate Conception and for Sunday.

At the 7pm Mass we attended, the priest told us that the bishop sent out a letter saying that the Saturday evening Masses today fulfill both IC and Sunday obligations. IOW, we got a dispensation from the bishop.

No offence, but I’ll trust my Priest on this one. Because how can the Vigil Mass at 5 pm be applied to that when the Mass won’t even be about the Immaculate Conception but for the Second Sunday of Advent

You did.

But this proves the point as a dispensation is something that dispenses from the normal requirements.

can. 1248 1. The precept of participating in the Mass is satisfied by assistance at a Mass which is celebrated anywhere in a Catholic rite either on the holy day or on the evening of the preceding day.

That is how.

I would also refer you to Jimmy Akin’s explanation (considering he knows considerably more about our Faith than i do)

Yes, if you attend Mass after 5PM, the Mass will either count for the Immaculate Conception obligation or the Sunday obligation – not both at the same time. If you go tonight for the Immaculate Conception obligation, you will still have to go tomorrow morning to fulfill the Sunday one.

Even Fr. Z needed to be corrected on this topic. Check out his comments on this mornings Blog (12-8-12). seems Card. Burke corrected him. :thumbsup:

Why do Catholics ask these questions every time a Holy Day is upon us ?

Just go to Mass on Holy Days and go to Mass on Sunday. For all our Lord endured for us, can’t we go to Mass when we know we should rather than look for loopholes and excuses not to ?

Just like a wedding Mass, or Eastern Catholic Mass with different readings fulfills the Sunday obligation.

The readings don’t matter, you need only attend a Catholic Mass on the Feast Day or vigil.

God Bless

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Everyone please see this long thread for extensive discussion on this topic:

The correct position seems to be that you cannot satisfy both obligations with one Mass, but you can use Saturday evening Mass for your Immaculate Conception obligation (and then go to Mass on Sunday for your Sunday obligation), even though the Saturday evening Mass is the Vigil for the Second Sunday in Advent.

I agree. As long as you don’t have school or work or some other important obligation where you would have to miss mass, then just go to both. I’ve been to mass twice in one day before. It won’t hurt, and will likely help, to get to any mass you can.

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