Two Brown Scapular Questions

  1. Does it invalidate the Brown Scapular if the pictures on the front have worn off? The brown wool on both pieces is good, but the pictures wear of quickly due to sweat and such it seems.

  2. Can one wear more than Scapular at a time (i.e. I just got a Black Scapular from a friend today, can I wear that w/ the Brown one as well?)?

  1. I don’t think so.

  2. Yes.



No picture is required at all. The two squares of brown wool are all that is essential. (The string doesn’t even have to be brown.)

Yes, you can wear more than one at a time, but they might get tangled!

There are scapular medals that have several types “all in one,” but I think wearing the cloth scapular is preferable.




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