Two CATHOLIC charities align with anti life agenda

This really makes me sad.:frowning:

“…It’s appalling to us that the St. Vincent de Paul charity, which is a charity that reaches out specifically to the poor, would in any way be involved in endorsing this tragic healthcare proposal,” Brown shares. “The Catholic Hospital Association could lose tax funding if they were able to stand up and defend Catholic teaching instead of pandering to Obama, which is what they’re doing.”

I wonder how long it will take before Catholic hospitals will be permitting abortions. The Catholic Church is becoming more and more anti-Catholic. No wonder there are so many Catholics who are pro-choice.

I am waiting for our BISHOPS to get it together and unite once and for all against the cultural of death that has taken over our American lives.

St. Vincent De Paul Society will not be getting any more donations from me!

Really you should make it 3:


The only health care reform I am interested in is the one that outlaws once and for all the culture of death: abortions, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, in-vitro fertilization. By pushing reform now and not the right reform, they ensure the culture of death’s grip will only increase.

Never mind that the cost of this plan will increase poverty, not decrease it!

may Almighty God have mercy on us…


Human dignity
Because each person is created in the image of God, each life is sacred and possesses inalienable worth. Health care is essential to promoting and protecting the inherent dignity of every individual from conception to natural death.

How do they square one with the other?


Unforunately, the USCCB’s preferred method is to issue a long, vague, mealy-mouthed, and highly confusing document that, in some footnote buried somewhere in it, sort of implies that abortion is intrinsically evil, but surrounds said statement with others that are easily taken out of context and spun to support the anti-life agenda.

I do note that the statement of these groups did not endorse the current bill, which does indeed promote abortion.

Perhaps we can work to remove the abortion platform by calling our representatives and informing them that there are two ways that they can lose our votes:

1- By failing to support health care
2- By supporting health care bills that promote abortion or euthanasia

I wouldn’t trust CHA. They were and are enthusiastic supporters of Obama and both his nominees for HHS secretary–Tom Delay and Kathleen Sebelius, all of whom are ardent abortion rights supporters. Also, CHA endorses the use of Plan B, the emergency contraceptive pill, in Catholic hospitals.

A quick question from a non-American - do private health plans under your current system usually pay for abortion?

This is very disturbing that the Catholic charities would be so naive that they think health care at any cost (including the lives of the unborn and elderly) is so important. A quick fix is not the answer. Congress and the Executive need to discuss and compromise in order to get a plan that works for all–including the unborn and elderly.
We need to pray.
Not giving to St. Vincent de Paul Society is not the answer–this will hurt the poor more. This is what the devil wants.
Pray to St. Vincent de Paul for the organization

Of course, it would be wise to pray for the organization.

As long as they have “divorced themselves from Catholic teaching”, it would not be right to continue supporting them.

There are many ways to help the poor that do not condone abortion and euthanasia.

We had our first Saturday pro-life Mass and rosary procession to our shrine of the Blessed Mother. Duirng Mass our priest gave his usual wonderful homily and reminded us that there can be no compromise in the right to life debate. He did not mention SVDP or CC. I was wondering during the homily what he would say.

So I asked him.

After he gave me absolution earlier this afternoon. We now are blessed with two priests so he has a little spare confessional time.

He was not aware of the SVDP and CC support of the legislation. He gave a few pat answers regarding groups involved in social justice losing sight of what is important. He did stress the no compromise.

I too suppport CC annually and SVDP monthly, and my donations will cease if they continue and I will let our cardinal know in no uncertain terms.

I have written the USCCB about why they do not withhold sacraments from the current crop of CINO electees/appointees in all layers of government and they have never responded to me.

They are paper tigers.

We need strong leaders. Where are they??

The spiraling vortex keeps spinning faster and faster as america and the world go down the toilet.

Eddie Mac

Interesting question, which I do not know the answer to, but my understanding is that up til now, federal funds were not used for abortion, as per the Hyde Amendment. I hope someone will be able to give you more information.

It appears that approximately half of Americans have abortion coverage in their health insurance.

“Forty-six percent of workers today in employer-based health insurance finance abortion. I think this is critical. Many of you know people who consider themselves very good, solid citizens [and] who consider themselves pro-life. They go to church on Sunday; but on Monday morning, they finance abortion. They don’t know they finance abortion, they do not conscientiously do it – but they do do it. And they do it through private health insurance. They do it because the plan covers it,” Moffitt pointed out.

Moffitt also notes that 86 percent of employer-sponsored plans cover artificial contraception.

BTW, Catholic Charities USA (and apparently the Catholic Hospital Association) are denying reports that they support health care reform legislation which would include abortion coverage.

The Saint Vincetn De Paul society does not support the current health care bull pending in congress and has not supported any specific legislation on health care. Their position statement on health care reform was adopted in 2004. Follow the link in the first box here: and read what they really have said.

If you want to stop giving to a great organization that does more for the poor every day than most of us can do in a month, do it. But do it for the right reason.

If I have missed something, let me know. But I want to see it on from SVDP, not from some other group with an agenda who puts their own spin on it. I cannot see it from here.

This is from American Life League.

I don’t think you could find an"agenda" more pro-life than they are.

Now, if they are “spinning” it, I hope to see a retraction. I really hope they are wrong.

If most health plans in the US include abortion, then any health care reform is probably going to include abortion. Are charities that want medical care for the poor supposed to oppose any movement toward a better system for the poor because health care commonly includes abortion? It doesn’t seem very fair to accuse them of being anti-life because they want universal health care. I’m sure they don’t want it to include abortion.

If my understanding is correct, as the reform bill is now written, there is no “freedom of conscience” clause.

If this is true, (I’m not going to read the 1000+ page document), Catholic hospitals will be mandated to offer abortion and the “end of life” care as mandated. There will be no choice.

I heard a statistic recently, although I have not verified, that one in every five deaths in Holland is voluntary euthanasia. One in every eleven deaths is INvoluntary euthanasia.

If, we sit by and watch Obamacare pass, is this the future of the U.S.A.?

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