Two collections


At your church, when there are two collections at Mass, are the Offertory gifts of bread and wine brought to the altar between the collections or after the second collection?


After the second collection.


My church is a monastery and there are no collections at all. There’s a box for offerings at the entrance to the church, where all voluntary donations can be left. When a special collection is taken, for example for missions, a basket is placed at the entrance of the church and is supervised by a monk, or an oblate (myself in one case).


The second collection is always done just after the announcements and before the final blessing at my parish, i.e. at the end of mass.


Since we walk up to give our envelopes during to the offertory hymn, and prior to the offering of the gifts, they are both done at the same time. Two ushers stand at the base of the altar steps with 2 baskets marked :
People come out of their pews like they do for communion. Many have their kids drop off the $$.

I know, It’s odd. :rolleyes:


The mission where I attend mass has the second collection right with the first collection. Two people pass a basket in front of you when there is a second collection. I was confused by it at first, but I quickly figured out what was going on because they would announce a second collection, and what it is for, but they didn’t have a second offeratory time.


between collections.


At the parish I attend currently, both collections are done at the same time, and marked by different-colored baskets (though, we just got new hand-crafted baskets and we haven’t figured out which one is for which). The ushers place the first collection in a green bag and the second collection in a red bag, and both are brought up with the gifts. Every other parish I’ve gone to that has had a second collection does the second collection during the silent prayer time after communion.


Same with us.


The same is done in our parish.


Collections are gathered from congregation before the wine and bread are brought up. Then, all are brought up together, with individuals carrying the wine and bread and an usher (or ushers) behind them with the collection baskets. Priest receives bread and wine, baskets from collections put by usher off to the side.


We bring the gifts forward in procession simultaneously with any collections. They happen at the same time.

Preparation of the altar, bringing the gifts forward in procession and placing the bread and wine on the altar when the priest says, “Blessed are you Lord God…” all take place while the collection is taking place.

We have close to 1000 people in our Church at a busy Sunday Mass. Lots of baskets and ushers have to move about. It takes time.



so, i guess every parish does it differently.


Yes, the practice varies from parish to parish. Our first and second collections occur simultaneously, and the offertory is brought up while they are going on. It’s chaotic and I don’t like it, but I have other battles to fight.


If there are two collections here, the Offertory gifts are brought up after the second collection.


Same here.


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