Two Consecrated Hosts

I know this is probably a very stupid question; however, I am going to inquire anyway.

This morning I received two consecrated hosts in communion, the priest apparently picked up two instead of one. I was kinda startled when I realized it. I assume there is no problem with this. In all my 54 years of receiving Jesus, this has never happened.


It’s perfectly OK. Your explanation is probably right, or it’s possible the priest was trying to have all the Hosts he’d consecrated consumed at that Mass so he doubled up on the number he gave.

Thanks, I did not think of that possibility. I think he did take host from the tabernacle, we had a few more people for Mass than we usually do today. But thanks.

Maybe Jesus just wanted you to have even more of Him today for some reason. :slight_smile: What a blessing!


This thought did cross my mind. It kinda shocked me when I realized I had received two.

I do hope you don’t believe that you receive more of Jesus the more hosts you consume at one time!

Let’s not get to serious here. It was only a passing thought, not a belief.

Oh for cryin’ out loud. :rolleyes: I just knew someone had to get legalistic about a very innocent comment. —sheesh—

I almost didn’t say it – should have known better.


The “size” or quantity has no impact on recption. This is why we must be careful to examien our hands for any remnants of the Eucharist.

Priests often make mistakes, it could of been that they were kinda sticking together. No big deal.

Just to let you know, I receive on the tongue.


As a priest, I can tell you that this happens occasionally. Sometimes, especially in the winter when your hands may be so dry, it is difficult to tell if you have one or two hosts between finger and thumb.

Definately an unanticipated blessing. :slight_smile:

It’s not a blessing:confused:…anymore than only half an host is a disapointment

As far as I am concerned, it is a blessing, just as anytime I receive Jesus is a blessing in any quantity or shape that His Body may come in.

Yes, the Eucharist Himself is a blessing. Getting two hosts is NOT…which was my point. Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

I did not miss your point. My point was and is that it does not matter how much of Jesus you receive, the blessing is the same, He only happened to come in two hosts this morning which surprised me. He is One regardless how many hosts are present.

The problem with the internet is HTTP does not transmit sense of humor.

The problem is that these boards are read by many people who don’t know true Caholic teaching, and so could be given totally the wrong idea of what we believe, even to the extent of quoting a comment out of context and causing mischief.

Just think about the misunderstanding over ‘worshipping’ Our Lady.

It’s one thing to make a joking comment outside Church to fellow-believers who know where the joker is coming from, quite another to put comments ‘out there’ on the Net which could be misconstrued.

It’s not a question of being legalistic.

True… but in St. Therese’s autobiography, she was (in childlike faith) sort of bummed that they had been short on hosts recently, and sort of thought that if she got half a host(as she’d been receiving for the past few weeks) it meant Jesus loved her less.

Then to her surprise she got two hosts! Lol :slight_smile:

It’s a cute story, even though those kinds of thoughts are clearly false.

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