Two days after Congress paved the way, 9/11 widow sues Saudi Arabia


Two days after Congress paved the way, 9/11 widow sues Saudi Arabia.


This will be interesting to watch the outcome.


The process will determine the truth in the matter, given That the evidence is shown fairly


We better watch out. The Saudis might get mad and not let us protect them anymore.


Well, being able to sue is one thing, actually collecting the money if they win is another thing entirely. In the US, its totally up to the one filing the suit, the court does not help at all, so even if someone wins a judgement against SA, they still have to figure out how to collect the money.


And what makes anyone think that the Saudi government will even respond? Congress, who couldn’t wait to vote nearly 100% for it, are already having buyers remorse and talking about how this bill needs to be “fixed.”

This was nothing but feel-good legislation that will make things difficult for Americans in service in foreign countries.


And do you think that letting the Saudi state fall to militant Islam will be beneficial to the U.S. and the rest of the Middle East? Remember that bin laden’s primary objective was to overthrow the ruling family of Saudi Arabia. Do you think that things will be better if S.A. were to become like Afghanistan or ruled by ISIS? Love them or hate them, many of those in the government in S.A. are western educated and understand the issues but have to walk a razors edge in dealing with the violent side of islam.


Perhaps, as people consider evaluate allowing people to sue nations, they may come to reconsider the idea of allowing corporations to sue nations (I’m pondering the World Trade Organization, and the issues of Supranational organizations, democracy, and sovereignty).


Saudi Arabia can take care of itself. It engages in proxy wars with Iran already (see the Yemeni Civil War), so I don’t think a couple of lawsuits are going to hinder its defense capacity.

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