Two Different Opinions Within the Church

When there are two church figures and they express different opinions on a topic how does one reconcile who is right? Two examples would be the critique of Father James Martin’s book views (Building a Bridge) by Cardinal Sarah or the dubia published towards Amoris Latetia for clarifications from the Pope (which did not receive a published answer). As the faithful should we defer to the higher “rank” or is there a hard and fast church teaching that is undisputable to solve such differences (Pope trumps dubia cardinals thus no response needed, cardinal trumps jesuit priest thus priest is wrong by default)? I simply want the correct method for finding the Catholic answer from two differing authorities so I have no fear of choosing incorrectly on matters of salvation.

I would choose to listen to Cardinal Sarah/Burke/the questions posed in dubias …traditionalists for guidance.

Im reading this now it helps me understand whats also troubling u. God Bless you

Follow the Commandments (Moses’ 10 and Jesus’ 2) and the Catechism.

Defer to the authority of the Pope on matters of doctrine or required obligations.

If it doesn’t fall in those two areas, then there may not be a “right” answer, just two opinions both making good points that should be thoughtfully and prayerfully considered.


Same here friend :+1:


I STRUGGLED with the Pope’s non response to the Cardinals for a long time. I actually talked to my pastor about it. He said we are only obligated to follow what the Pope says “from the chair” and this wasn’t from the chair so we just need to take it for what it is and pray about it and for the Pope. The Father Martin book I have not read but I have read MANY comments and excerpts of what he’s said. I am very saddened by how he addresses this issue and I pray for him because as a priest in the Catholic Church I am afraid he will give people the wrong idea and they will choose to agree with him on this. So in other words I PRAY for the people involved, seek trusted counsel and try to see it all for what it is.

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This. Anything else is personal opinion/preference.

Like the other posters above, we can all have an opinion, even if we don’t agree with one another about those opinions. They like the Burke, et al; I find them a poor example to follow. There’s no definitive answer or position on these things (at this time; could be changed by the magisterial authorities).

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