Two different Prayers on Alzheimer's


Dear Lord:

Please grant my visitors tolerance of my confusion,
forgiveness for my irrationality,
and strength to walk with me
into the mist of memory my world has become.

Please help them take my hand and stay awhile,
even though I seem unaware of their presence.
Help them to know how their strength
and loving care will drift softly into
the days to come, just when I need it most.

Let them know that, when I don’t recognize them,
I will ask them to keep their hearts free of sorrow for me.
For my sorrow, when it comes,
only lasts for a moment and then it is gone.

And finally, Lord,
please let them know how very much their visits mean.
How, even through this relentless mystery,
I can feel their love.


||Author Unknown||

If you have a loved one suffering from this relentless disease…
may this prayer bring you some measure of peace.

Alzheimer’s Patient’s Prayer:

My Grandmother and several family members have Alzheimer’s


“goforgoal” God bless you for this, dear soul. :hug1:

My sweet mother, age 87… also suffers from mid-stage Alzheimer’s. I’m her sole caregiver and doing my level best to ease her suffering. But it gets very, very lonely at times as her communication skills and abilities are dwindling every single day. Both of us experience high frustration from this. She isn’t able to understand me… and I’m not able to understand her. It takes a great deal of patience and effort… to find out what she is in need of… because she can’t verbalize her needs. :frowning: She often calls me “her mother”. The role reversal has been very difficult for both of us.

We live on one side of the U.S. and our family, lives on the other; long story as to how we got where we are… and how we were all separated. But the bottom line, is that I have zero assistance with mothers care. I haven’t had a day… or even one hour… off… in over 6 years.

It’s been a rough, lonely road. Your prayer is very helpful.

You might be interested in joining the “Catholic Caregivers” group here at CAF. I started the group, but due to difficulties with my computer (my browser doesn’t like the changes made to the site :rolleyes: )… I haven’t been able to access the group, for giving or receiving support. But I think there are now about 12 members.

God bless you.


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