Two different religious celebrations in Chicago


There were two different stories on the news today:

At a non-denominational (I think) church in Chicago, the pastor held a worship service centered on Michael Jackson and his music. His career and his artistic contributions were celebrated, including using a lot of his music. The pastor spoke about him in his preaching. This was a lead story.

In the near western suburbs, there was a crowing of a statue of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel with a crown that had been blessed by B16. The gold crown was created using jewelry, including wedding rings, donated by parishoners and others, which was melted down and – as they say nowadays – “re-purposed” (whoa, haven’t used that word since I was laid off) as the crown. This was a 45-second story about half way through the news.

So, to someone who doesn’t understand Catholic veneration of saints, this would surely look like idolatry. I wished I could have interjected some audio and said, ‘hey, wait, fellas, this is what the crowning is all about. . .’ I hate to be “judgemental,” but the Michael Jackson service seems more “idolatrous.” Yet, I’ll bet most people found that less strange than the crowning of Our Lady’s statue.

Just an observation.

God bless,


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