Two films that every Catholic family should see!


This past Christmas, I received two wonderful DVDs from my parents. They’re Protestant and I’m in RCIA. So in a way I’m surprised they got them, but it’s still a blessing nonetheless!

Padre Pio, Miracle Man and Pope John Paul II (starring Jon Voight). The movie about Padre Pio is amazing, to say the least. It captures his humanity, and there’s even a scene in there where he meets Karol Wojtyla and tells him that he will be the Pope one day.:thumbsup: Padre Pio is in Italian though, but with English subtitles.

Both movies are excellent, and I strongly recommend them. However, I would consider Pope John Paul II for an older audience (13+ maybe?). That is, if you were to watch it as a family. I say that because much of the earlier portions of the movie involve some death by Nazis. It’s still an excellent film, and Voight does an extraordinary job.

Thoughts? If anyone has seen these, did you like it? Would you recommend them, too? I hope everyone had a most blessed Christmas.

In Pax Christi


I saw the JPII movie, and it is outstanding!

I would recommend anybody with the funds or the gift of movie money (plastic gift card, what have you) see Pursuit of Happyness. While not quite the same as the book, anybody over the age of 12 can learn from it.


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