Two Hearts Enthronement - Have any of you had this in your home?


Dear CAF members. After daily Mass today, we were approached by a lovely lady who introduced herself and said she was a Third Order member of the Two Hearts Alliance. She also mentioned that this apostolate has been featured on EWTN. She then asked us… if we had yet had our home “enthroned”. I said “No”… because I hadn’t heard of this, before today. If people have talked about it in the forums… I don’t remember. :shrug: But it sounds like something I’d like to do in our home.

Have any of you had your home “enthroned” by the Two Hearts Alliance? I will include a link at the end of this thread. I would like to know what your experience with this, has been; was anything unusual expected of you (such as commitment to special prayers, or time to the apostolate etc.); and what have the spiritual benefits been for you?

Thanks in advance and God bless.
MV :thankyou:


The practice is part of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts devotions. I would have my house enthroned if I didn’t live with my parents. When I get my own place, I plan on practicing it.


Thank you, Lief. :thankyou:

In my original question, I should have said… “Have any of you had the Images of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts enthroned”. Not what I said… “Have you had your home enthroned”. I just realized the error in my wording. :blush:

Well… anyone else? Have you heard of this? Or plan on having it done in your home?

Thanks and God bless!


I have the images, but I have not yet had them enthroned.


We have a Sacred Heart of Jesus image, but have not yet had the blessing and enthronment. I recently got a two hearts image for my home office. This week is clean-up week and once I get things straightened up I will hang it.


Bump to top… in the hopes of someone sharing an experience with this. Thanks, and God bless.


You can google it online to find out all you might need about it, I think. I’ve read about it online several times. It’s clearly a beautiful devotion.


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