Two intentions, please?

First, my husband had two excellent job prospects…final interview stages, and now the companies seemed to have stalled the process…not sure what happened, but he feels down…discouraged. We both do. He has good credentials, and a great resume, but he is competing with lots of people now that we live in Florida…please say a prayer that God directs him to the right situation, soon.

Second, please say a prayer that I do well in a presentation I’m giving tomorrow in my job. I have made more and more of these, but every time, I develop this anxiety…I prayed that God will take it away from me, and help me to draw upon His strength. Without God’s grace, we are not able to anything positive–but we can allow the devil to seep into our thinking…and make us feel like we can’t do something. Please pray that I am not nervous and do well tomorrow.:o

Thank you for listening.

I’ve given many presentations in front of hundreds of people. I still get nervous…Just be yourself and you will do fine…I’m praying for you.

God will open the right job for your husband…he has a plan!!
I’m praying for your husband!!:


You’re both in my prayers. Hang in there…

Praying for your husband and you…

Praying for both of you.

Lord fix and watch over both situations . Let both situations be a great experience . Let him get the job . Let her give a great speech . I know you are with both of them . Thanks LORD , in the name of Jesus , amen . / John


I pray for your husband, that he might not get discouraged and continue to seek a job, and always hope in the Lord. I also pray for you, that God will always be your strength and that He will see you through.

thank you to all…my presentation went great…i even got applause twice…wow…i didn’t expect that. and i prayed last night, and this morning, for God to fill me with His peace. Thanks everyone…my husband also received two new calls today on his resume, and has new interviews set up…

I appreciate these prayers. Thank you:)

Will pray for both of you Sharon!

:gopray2: Praying for your Husband

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