Two lesbians raised a baby and this is what they got.

This video has been spreading like wildfire on Facebook. I’m afraid we are in a world of trouble. But I would like to know what some of you have to say?

I would say why dos t the dad get any credit? Yea the kids smart that would be more along the lines of genes wouldn’t you think? Two woman raising a boy has nothing to do with how smart the kid turned out to be.
Anyway I think the underline issue is the video seeks to silent those who claim children are better off being raised by a mother and father. I semply would just say he has a right to his father and even though he turned out to be a fine young man. He was still deprived of his basic right to be raised by a father.

Idk this is a tough one?

Watch the video again. He very clearly states that both he, and his sister (both by the same mother, and father) were fathered by an anonymous sperm donor. More than likely for one reason or another he has no knowledge of his father. Actually in his particular case he has never had any contact with his sperm donor. So No, he gets no credit in the efficacy of his childhood raising since he was raised by his mothers.

Read what I wrote again. The dad should get some credit because he provided this young man with smart genes :slight_smile:

I bow my dear, I did infact misread. Credit should be given where due. Thanks be to the sperm donor for high quality product. :smiley:

Lol bad joke. But has to have some truth to it! We know that a gay couple can raise a child. He is prof of that but I have seen smart kids raised by some pretty low life parents. Not to say his two mommies are low life.

Hi,Odell ! I wonder if his outlook will be the same in 20 years, as he begins to define himself and understand underlying causes of his birth, without a joined love connection the way God intended ? I don’t think he understands what is proper to nature ,the way we were created, with a mind to think properly. The preponderence of natures evidence given to us from our Creator stands !

God Bless

Well, only half of his smart genes. Woman isnt just the soil yknow!

Well, if this young man marries a woman and has children, will he be able to be a good father since he did not have one as an example? Will he treat his wife well?

Yeah, he “turned out good” for now, but let’s see how his own children and his marriage turn out.

As the data are coming in, psychologists are finding that the loving relationship of a couple is more important than their sexual orientation with regard to their children’s development. This is not so surprising. Still, the issue is far from settled in the scientific community. In some religious communities, however, the issue is completely settled and has been for quite some time. That is, for Catholicism, (Orthodox) Judaism, Islam, and certain Protestant denominations, it is not a question of whether or not children of a gay couple grow up to be fine or even outstanding citizens; rather, the issue is one of morality according to Biblical teaching. Many also claim that the approval of gay couples and parents is contrary to the natural law (apart from religion) and destructive of the fabric of society. Throw in a few strawmen, such as if gay marriage and parenting are legal, why not legalize the marriage of a human who loves a dog and decides to raise a baby elephant, and there you have it for the one millionth time on CAF…

What is the “this” they got?

He’s a deeply uninteresting leftist college student with a mediocre fashion sense, mooing bromides into a microphone. Naturally the mass media gets whipped up about it. In what way is this spindly kid a disaster for us?

Sounds to me that, like most people in this day and age, they raised a boring kid with moderate talents and wholly unquestioned utilitarian prejudices. He is in short exactly like everyone I’ve ever met in college. Pfeh.

Like most liberals, he clearly doesn’t know the first damn thing about what the real argument (i.e., not the crummy lunatic Protestant argument) against gay marriage is, if he thinks he is somehow evidence that it’s false.

I mean Hell, I scored in the 99th percentile on the GREs. Nobody imagines this is evidence against gay marriage.

Tell me wise one, what is " the real argument (i.e., not the ****** lunatic Protestant argument) against gay marriage is" (your quote btw) ?

Only rule to your reply: You can’t say because it’s a sin, or Jesus says so, or quote faith doctirine of any sort. You MUST provide reasoning other than based on religion.

No seriously I’m HIGHLY interested in your response. Someone as hateful as you must have proof why.

A true marriage the way God intends it is one man plus one woman. This is how humanity began, and this is what was written in the both the Old as well as the New Testaments of the Bible.

He might be a great father for all we know. But we know it would all be easier if he had a father of his own.

I conseder myself a darn good father. And I was raised by a single mom later on my step dad. So the lack of a father in my life I think has contributed to me being who I am as a father. But with me being the father I am I can see the importance of me being the father I am to my children and the advantages of my great fathering skills:)

Your argument = FAIL ! You didn’t read the rules. I mean c’mon we get it, this is a religious based forum but everyone here is of presumed reasonable intelligence so your argument has to have some other basis. i.e. gay people don’t pay their homeowners fee’s on time or something lol.

As always, what is needed is a persistent application of critical thinking and reason. Videos such as the above are not serious arguments, and you will find that the liberal-progressive side on this issue consistently trades serious argumentation for emotional, question-begging appeals.

Consider this: non-married couples, polygamists, etc. are all probably able to raise “good” children, but that does not change their moral state of affairs in the least. Reason demonstrates that these states of affairs are immoral and irrational, and promoting immorality and irrationality leads to a debasement of man and man’s society. A video showing an articulate and seemingly upstanding young man from a polygamist family would do nothing to change the standing reasoning against polygamy.

If you are Catholic and want to help on this issue or any other issue, become a friend of reason. Read and educate yourself with good resources.

Usually I don’t interfere when my post is not directly addressed. However, I feel I must caution you since you are new, that it is inappropriate to make personal attacks on other members. And the Moderators don’t look at this kindly either. Sw85 and I have had our disagreements but never on a personal level. For your own benefit, I would advise you to debate the issues.

This is true he is like everyone else in collage. Ray Gurendi I always misspell his last name says if you want to raise a one in a million child you have to be a one in a million parent.

REASON is something you didn’t employ in your thought pal. I don’t see why anyone is undeserving to raise a child because they arent heterosexual and married. That’s a load of ****. I do chuckle at your accusation that gays, unmarried peoples, etc. shouldn’t raise a child because it’s irrational. WTF ? are you kidding me ? How ? How ? How is that irrational ?

So… Dont’ give the homo couple a baby to raise becuase theyr’e gay, despite them both being upper class, with ivy league educations and financial independence that can raise this child with every opportunity it could ever ask for in addition to a home with two people that love it more than anything… Nope that’s irrational, let’s put the baby in a foster home where the foster kids will beat the mess out of it and the foster parent will sell the kids SSI checks for the next crack fix. THATS rationale buddy; damn you are some Rhodes Scholar, I’m sure glad you set me straight !

The argument is that it is a MORAL EVIL UNTO ITSELF, not that it produces bad outcomes.

As for why it is a moral evil – well, I’m not going to sit here and rectify your lack of knowledge for you. Do your own homework. A good place to start would be Edward Feser’s The Last Superstition.

I’m well aware of why the church teaches the sexual act as wrong. I’m asking for further reasoning. And there are most certainly people here who are arguing that it produces bad outcomes. I want you to tell me why. I want to know.

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