two masses

Would you say it is good, or ok, or not to go to two masses on a Sunday?
If they are different, from two different communities, and you want to go to them both.


By all means, go! Sometimes I will go to 8:30 am at my parish and then take my boys when they return to from their camping trip to 6:15 pm at another parish. Maybe offer your “extra” Mass for someone who is unable to go to Mass that day.

Unless you are shirking some other important activity by going to a second Mass then it would seem to be a good thing to do.

I know that many people who are involved in liturgical activities/ministries (or who have family members so involved) go to more than one Mass. This is either because they have a role to play at more than one Mass or because they want an opportunity to more fully devote their attention to what is happening at Mass rather than being preoccupied with the volume of the organ, the safety of the collection money, the pronunciation of words in the readings, or whatever issues come with “the job”.

Now if someone goes to multiple Masses thinking that it somehow makes them holier then that is a problem and such a person might be advised NOT to attend more than one Mass. But that would be a matter to discuss with a confessor and/or spiritual adviser.

Of course! :slight_smile:

It is acceptable to go to Mass multiple times in a day. We can only receive the Eucharist twice though–and we must attend the entire Mass the second time.

As another poster said many times people attend more than one because of commitments to work during Mass (organist, usher, altar server, etc.). Going to 2 different types of Masses could be very interesting to see how a different rite is conducted or if one is a special Mass (ordination, anniversary, etc.)

I don’t know anyone who regularly attends 2 Masses every Sunday though.

Priests and deacons do:D

Do deacons regularly serve multiple Masses?
I ask out of ignorance – I live in a deacon-deprived diocese. Thanks.


We have deacons. They don’t usually serve at multiple Masses here.

There’s nothing to feel bad about, you didn’t know. Now that you do, you’ll just obey canon law and refrain from receiving more than twice.

You may receive a third time in the same day but only as viaticum so I don’t think you want to take advantage of that just yet. :slight_smile:

I ended up going to only one mass today because going to the second one would, as somebody called it, have impaired another important activity: I went to visit an old lady who I hadn’t seen in a while because I was away. And tomorrow I’m working again… so I thought that was the better thing to do.

But thank you for all the replies, this is not the first time I thought about this and I may well go to two masses again sometimes.


That is a good point. Perhaps this is something that should receive attention in catechesis.

For older Catholics, it would not generally be an issue because prior to Vatican II they *were *taught that the faithful were permitted to receive only *once *per day (presumably with an exception for viaticum?).

Between Vatican II and the 1983 code, a second reception was permitted in particular circumstances, and it was generally announced at such Masses that the faithful who had already received were permitted to receive again.

But *now *there is a generation of Catholics who were raised with neither of those rules, and it probably needs be given some attention – Many catechists probably do not even realize that they are not passing this along?

FTR, the official interpretation of *iterum *may be found here. I believe this was first *dubium / responsum *regarding the 1983 CIC.


Our deacon serves at two of the four weekend Masses, unless he is the homilist, when he would do all four. It must be exhausting to do four, though he is such a good homilist that I wish he would do it more often. . .

Our deacon serves in the 3 of the 7 Masses that occur at our church.

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