Two months since the riots and still no national conversation

Maybe the media commentators who reflexively glamorized these riots don’t know or don’t care, but the primary victims — meaning those who feared for their safety, suffered severe material losses, and whose lives were upended — are themselves minorities, and were targeted by activist whites.


Conversation could potentially lead to a solution, and that is not desired by the rioters.


Conversation could potentially lead to a solution, and that is not desired by posters on this forum.

See how that feels?

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What exactly are you attempting to solve on this forum? Let’s talk.


The conversation is being had. One side is yelling to drown out the other voices.


When you say something grossly wrong or disingenuous I appear.

You will have to explain where I am “grossly wrong” in my statement about the rioters


Hi, I’m a “Rioter”. I want a conversation. I wouldn’t have to protest if we held cops accountable. It’s way better then what’s escalated.

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Since this seems to be detailing a bit, the article discusses how national media has largely ignored the violent nature and destruction of the rioting that has occured all over the country for the past two months.

The victims of the property destruction are mainly minority owned business and the minorities who live in those communities are the ones dealing with the fear that goes along with having violence unfold in their communities.

The riots, the destruction they cause, and who is causing the destruction is being ignored or worse deliberately obfuscated.

Why are the stories of those harmed over the past two months as a result of these riots being ignored? And why are these riots still referred to as protests?


Kind of hard to have a conversation when the new Godwin’s law is in effect.


The riots need to stop.


I am afraid that this is just babbling. To have a conversation, you have to use precise language and define your terms. So, lets start.
First, who are the “cops”? Specific individuals in specific places, or just all members of law enforcement?
About accountablity - what methods are your proposing to achieve accountability? Please be specific and real.


Police officers of all forms of law enforcement. They need reform, they need to not be doing as much as they do. I believe with proper de-escalation training and the proper reallocation of resources we can make everyone reasonable happy.

Respectfully, this article has nothing to do about police brutality.
I posted this article to discuss it’s contents, please do not derail the discussion.


I was asked a straight forward question.

Oops. I forgot to ask. Are you having a good time at the riots?

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No, it’s what I feel needs to be done.

You are quite correct. This should be a separat issue.

De-escalation training for government groups generally means having workers sleep through a powerpoint once a year. I don’t see how that would affect anything.

My plan is much more efficient:
-criminals may be shot on sight if police give ample warning
-protests for a single topic mat be held for 1 day a year. After such time, remaining protesters are committing a crime and are subject to the previous rule

The solution is simple but people don’t want to accept the answer

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Has anyone asked you to do that?

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