Two months since the riots and still no national conversation


Yes, credit to Tim Pool, I got this article from his commentary.

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The news wants to push a narrative about the current state of the US. Non white victims of rioters don’t fit that narrative and are discarded by the media.


And the white victims are treated as criminals.


Las Vegas City Police managed with training to drop fatalities by police shooting by 30%. If we assume that’s enough 30% is a huge margin of error.

Is there a link to that reduction? I’d be interested to see exactly what methods the state used to create that amount of impact.

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I’ll pm you, rn I’m on cell and it’s not in arms reach.

Because it’s mixed, some people are protestors and a few are rioters.

That doesn’t solve any of the abuses that caused this mess.

Police don’t, in most situations, get to decide who does or does not deserve the label “criminal”. They can investigate, lay charges and prosecute alleged crimes and criminals, but usually it is judges and juries that pronounce guilt.

And for good reason. It is never wise to have the same person or people be judge jury and executioner. And it is very difficult to unmaim or unkill someone who turns out after the fact not to be a criminal.


As far as I can tell, neither “side” is listening. Neither one seems to want a solution, but rather submission by the other.

Both sides are completely ideologically opposed. There isn’t much middle ground to be had.

There is plenty of middle ground. It’s just that too many people have voluntarily painted themselves into a corner and refuse to use the vast open floor that remains after the “other side” has staked out their opposite corner. It has ceased to be about “solving” and has become all about “winning”. And it hurts me to the depths of my soul to see what it is doing to my country.

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Well, I know I don’t have any desire to have a middle ground or work with Democrats at the national level. They are the antithesis of most of my core beliefs. Why would people who oppose abortion, oppose universal healthcare, $15 minimum wage, oppose more lax immigration enforcement, oppose everything LGBT, etc. have any desire to compromise on those issues? I don’t want a middle ground on abortion, I want it made illegal. I don’t want a middle ground on gay marriage, I want it banned again.

I want them beaten.


Is “what needs to be done” inclusive of Molotov cocktails, hurled bleach, blinding laser devices, and arson?


Then you are part of the problem. It is very possible to disagree about many things without being disagreeable, no matter which side of the artificial divide you place yourself on.

Oh, look, it’s the new apostle’s creed. Very simple and direct.

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It is so much easier than thinking. And can be more pleasant.

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But I don’t want to live in China :cn: :no_good_man:t2:


You don’t compromise with evil.


And someone having different political opinions from yours doesn’t make them evil.

I don’t usually go to this level so soon, but welcome to the Ignore bucket.

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