Two nuns just got "married".

Just read a story about two nuns who recently got “married” in Italy. They tied the knot in and referenced Pope Francis’s “who am I to judge” remark from some time ago when they were asked about it. Gee, I wonder what the Holy Father will do about this turn of events?

Twisting the Popes words to indulge in selfish sin , its really sad. In these times no place is safe when it comes to the evil of homosexuality. Pray, pray, pray for our religious nuns!

Did they… get married to Christ? Or to the Church? That’s normal, but I’m thinking that you are speaking of “marriage” to one another… :rolleyes:

Yes, that is what is reported they did - they got “married” TO EACH OTHER.

Here’s an article:

Note the word “former” in the headline. And it doesn’t stop with two former nuns getting “married.” From the article (emphasis mine):

It was the second same sex civil union ceremony performed in the town of Pinerolo since Italy passed legislation to legalise same-sex unions earlier this year. The couple are also due to participate in a religious service by their friend, Barbero, a former priest who was suspended because of his support of gay marriage.

Yes, here we go:

They fell in love working at a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts, but there was just one hitch.

Both were already married to the Catholic church.

Federica and Isabel were Franciscan nuns when they met and fell in love, and have both since renounced their vocation and spoken out against the church’s position against homosexuality.

Homosexuality is evil? So are you saying that homosexuals are evil?

There’s a difference between objective and subjective guilt, isn’t there?

That’s a real shame. :frowning:

No people with same sex attraction have the responsibility like all of us to be chaste and love chastity. Most of us have same sex attraction at one point or another., its the root of original sin. I’m talking about people that engage in homosexuality or promote the homosexual agenda.

It is the act of homosexuality that is evil not the person committing it.
Just as a straight man lusting another woman is an evil but the man isn’t necessarily evil.

Calling themselves married doesn’t make them actually married. Can a woman call herself a man, and be factual? The privilege to hold a piece of paper saying they are married is not the same as consenting adults of opposite gender who are both single and not blood relatives having the right to marry. That right comes from God. The privilege of the paper is a government given thing and subject to the whims of whatever governing body is in power. Also they aren’t binding on God, and in the US at least, not binding on those who object religiously under the first amendment, though that is under attack. Calling a spade a heart doesn’t make it so.

Not nuns and not married.

Misleading headline as they are FORMER NUNS.



Huge difference

The actual headline should read " Two ex-nuns claim to be married"

How lovely. Well, at least they didn’t get married to someone else! How can they remain nuns?

We live in interesting times,:confused:

i thought that nuns took a vow of celibacy?

What can he do?
They got married in a civil ceremony…it doesn’t have anything to do with the pope, except that they quoted him.


Quoting the Pope makes it look like they have his blessing.

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