Two priests concelebrating for a Catholic wedding Mass?

The bride and groom are from two different Roman Catholic churches.
Can their two priests concelebrate their wedding Mass?


Yes, but only one can ask for and receive consent. They cannot ‘share’ or ‘take turns’, so to speak…

We attended the wedding of two friends where there were EIGHT priests concelebrating!!! They were very thoroughly married. :wink:

My distant cousin had 7 priests at his wedding.

I believe this is a burgeoning gimmick or recent custom that you get as many priests as possible to concelebrate at a wedding. It seems to me that it makes things unnecessarily difficult and expensive, and to what benefit?

Some of us in the New Liturgical Movement believe that concelebration should be safe, legal and rare. I say, pick a good one and stick with him.

It is allowed.

Just curious. What would make concelebration “unsafe”?


What were the circumstances here?

I just saw that “unsafe” concelebration at Pope Francis’ final Mass in Korea.

One shouldn’t concelebrate for concelebrations sake (what’s the point?) but if you have friends or family coming to the wedding who also happen to be priests, concelebration is appropriate.

I agree. From a theological point of view, there is no benefit. And it is debatable whether it even adds to the solemnity of a marriage.

I had four priests at my wedding. It wasn’t about racking up the concelebrant count but about inviting those to share in our day whom we wanted to share in our day.

My son had two priests at his wedding. His fiance converted to Catholicism before their marriage, but came from an Evangelical Christian Non-Denominational church. They were married in her hometown, which happened to be our former hometown. They didn’t meet there- which is a different funny story. Anyway, they planned to marry in a Catholic Church with a full Mass. Because we no longer lived there, we asked a close friend to celebrate the wedding- who is a priest in Tanzania. Several months before the wedding, he contracted MALARIA and was unsure that he would be well enough to travel. We then asked our former priest (now retired) to celebrate the Mass, insuring that we would indeed have a priest! The Tanzanian priest recovered, flew in for the wedding- and we ended up with both priests. Our former priest was the Celebrant as he was registered with the diocese. Our Tanzanian priest brought his papers with him from his bishop so was also registered and allowed to con-celebrate. It was a beautiful wedding. Just our story- but sometimes there are good reasons behind having more than one priest at a wedding!!

It is a daily occurrence in monasteries using the Ordinary Form.

That’s nice but how does it help those parishes which are lucky just to get a deacon to perform the wedding.

Why does it have to?

It doesn’t but there are all these complaints about priest shortages so forgive me for being concerned about how some will even get a wedding Mass at all, much less several priests to concelebrate them.

I think we can have both. Concern for those that can’t have a wedding Mass. And joy for those that have more than one priest at their wedding Mass.

So…I should not have invited my college pastor (very instrumental in the faith development of my wife and me), nor my two former roommates (who happen to be priests) to our wedding? I can assure you, it did not make things unnecessarily difficult or expensive. On the contrary, having those three priests who played significant roles in our lives concelebrating with the parish priest were an incredible blessing on our wedding day and have continued to be a blessing to us for the past 26 years.

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