Two problems with CAF website

  1. i cannot access more than a few “categories,” as when I click on More, i get only the ones that show anyway on the box of catefories.

  2. when I click on the page count in a thread, which used to send up a slider which allowed me to go back to a previous post, it disappears, never to return!

This on an Android phone which is my most frequently-used device from which ti read and post

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So I created a login to reply to a question, but the topic is locked and there exists no way to reply to an individual. So basically every conversation is already a dead topic & users are unreachable. So why even run a dead website with zero interaction ? pointless.

  1. Clicking the 3 horizontal bars on the top right of my screen (android phone), in the pop-up I get is Categories (12more) … -> tapping this I get Site Feedback/Apologetics/Eastern Catholicism/Traditional Catholicism/Non-Catholic Religions/Liturgy and Sacraments/Catholic Living/Ask an Apologist/Casual Discussion — all with 3 threads displayed under each.

If I tap on the heading of “Apologetics” for example, I then get Sacred Scripture/Moral Theology/Social Justice followed by threads from all subforums.

Are you not seeing the same?

  1. On my phone screen, towards the bottom right is a very very tiny arrow in grey (of all colors) which is pointing to the left. If you tap that, the number of posts box e.g. 5/23 reappears. Double tapping this, brings up a smaller darker blue box with a down arrow and the word “Back”, which when tapped took me back to the earlier post I was reading in the thread.

I assume you are not seeing any of the above?

Once happened to me when I was half way through typing a reply, which meant I couldn’t finish it and post it leaving the only option to abandon what I’d already typed. It is what it is. Sometimes these topics reopen in another 2 or 4 hrs and you can post then.

You can always reply to the individual by private messaging them. Click on the profile, and in the pop up you will see a blue Message box on the right side. Click this and you can then send them a message.

The website is not dead and is certainly not pointless - you just have to learn to navigate it. (hint)

I’m having problems too with my Android, I made my own thread. Looks like somebody updated the site with a lot of changes that don’t work for Androids.


I don 't see anything beyond Catholic Living. No Ask an Apologist, no News Forum, no Popular Media. You seem only to get one category more than mine.

I see a box at the bottom, with the post numbers. Tapping that ised to get me a slider to go ip and down the thread, but now I tap it and it disappears forever!

Also, the only reason I got to post this on the Site Feedback is that it is an option under categories when you try to post on the Latest Threads. I don’t see it on the list either.

No that you mention it - you’re right – I didn’t have any News forum either, but then I didn’t expect to as I have that muted/ignored, but I also didn’t see Popular Media either … :thinking:

wrt the post numbers blue box, are you single tapping or double tapping? It disappeared for me after a single tap, but when I scrolled further up the thread it reappeared down the bottom.

I thought CAF had gotten rid of the News Forums!

Does not re-appear for me :frowning:

:rofl: :joy: No such luck, I’m afraid. I don’t know how posters in those threads keep their heads …

hmm … very strange …


Well, i’ve been one of them, and sometimes I didn’t :flushed:


I wonder if some of the sub-forums have been muted. There were a couple of threads about this recently. This happened to several of us through no fault of our own. Here is a link to one of them:

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This is happening to me as well. I usually post here from my Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Haven’t checked my computer. This just started in the past week.

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Between the disappearing slider and the drop down, this place is getting very annoying.


I’m having problems with this also…

Is this white drop down box permanent?

I contacted the moderators and got a reply about the persistent drop down that “suggests” other threads. It comes back with no way to say, Don’t show me this…which would be wonderful!

They are aware of the problem and are looking into it. No promises but they did acknowledge the issue.


Another problem that I have experienced several times: clicking on one of the suggestions yields an “Oops! . . .” plus a message that the page is unavailable. It’s happened so often that I don’t even read within the box; instead, I just click to get rid of it—and minutes later, it reappears!

Lol! On the bright side, maybe that dropdown suggestion box, combined with the ever-present blue disclaimer box in the lower left corner of my phone screen are improving my patience?



Dropdown menu issues with each thread are discussed on this thread, also.

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