Two questions about NFP resposibility


NOTE: I am under a doctor's care for my conditions. I want no advice on how to treat or manage my conditions please. I'm solely asking questions about the use of NFP.

Background: I have many medical issues for which I am taking numerous prescription medications. Some are pretty potent. I also receive numerous x-rays, CT-Scans, tests, procedures, IV treatments, surgeries and hospital stays throughout the year.

My questions:

  1. Are we obliged to use NFP to avoid pregnancy under the above mentioned conditions? We have been using nothing at all (no ABC/no NFP) and leaving it all in God's hands to date. Is this morally acceptable since there is always a potential threat to a potential baby?

  2. Are we as a seemingly infertile couple obliged to use NFP and/or seek treatments in order to increase our chances of conceiving? Or may we continue to leave everything in God's hands, knowing full well we won't conceive this way without a miracle.

Thank you! :)


NO COUPLE is “obligated” to practice NFP. I think sometimes in our zeal to keep folks from using artificial contraception we make it seem that NFP is a Dogma of the Church. That’s not true. “Doing nothing” and leaving it in God’s hands, I think, is the preferred method. NFP should only be used to avoid or space pregnancies in serious situations. I also don’t believe that “remaining open to life” means you have to do anything, be it NFP or take fertility drugs, to increase the chance of conceiving. You just can’t do anything to frustrate it (i.e., artificial contraception). Likewise, in another thread, someone asked whether infertile couples must adopt, and the answer was no, also (it’s a calling, not an obligation).

I’m be praying for you and your health problems.

In Christ,



Think about it this way, if you lived in an era before all the reproductive technology we have today, you would have to leave it in God's hands anyway.

As to not trying to prevent a pregnancy when you know there might be serious complications to the baby because of your medical conditions.....I'm not Catholic so I don;t know the Canon Law on the issue, for that I would ask your priest. Personally, I would not want to risk conceiving a child that I was knowingly putting at risk, I think that situation would be a good one to practice NFP for.


No you are not obliged to abstain or use nfp. You may leave the soul of any children you may conceive and miscarry to the mercy of God.


The answer to both questions is no, you are not obliged.


Thanks everyone. :hug3: I was pretty sure I was doing the right thing, but with my OCD I tend to second guess myself. :o

We’ll just keep leaving everything in God’s hands! :thumbsup:


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