two questions

I would like to know more of the Infant of Prague and about Novena’s

I would like to know the story behind the statue and I am unsure what a Novena is

A novena is when you pray something nine times, or for nine days, or for nine months, or some other multiple of nine. It’s an ancient tradition in the Church. The Apostles prayed for nine days between the ascension of Jesus to heaven and the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, and some say the tradition of praying nine times for something begins with that example. It is my understanding that there is nothing particularly special about the number nine, it’s just easy to ask people to pray nine times for something, and by getting people to pray more that benefits both the person praying and the thing prayed for. Other people ask for octaves, which is when you pray eight times for something (or for eight days, eight months, or some other multiple of eight.)

Here is more information about novenas from the Catholic Encyclopedia:

Regarding the statue of the Infant of Prague, here is a short article from EWTN about it that you might find interesting:

Let me know if that is helpful

The story is long so you can read it here.

A Novena is a series of payers or some other devotion said or done over a period of nine days, weeks or months **for a particular intention of yours. **Here is a link:

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