Two reflections

The first I heard from a priest, who in turn was told it by Mother Teresa in a meeting with her.

“Remember Five things(at this point you should tick off your fingers as you say the words) 1. You 2. Did 3. It 4. To 5. Me. Remember that, every time you touch somebody. That person is Jesus”

The second I happened about while I was prayer the 15 prayers of St. Bridget.

We are all one of the thieves on the crosses next to Jesus. Are we going to be the good one or the bad one? Will we be repentant or obstinate. And not just at the end of our life, but every day.

Just thought I would share those with people

Thank you for sharing these insightful thoughts. Whoever you touch and inspire with these thoughts, it is Jesus’ heart that you most please!

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