Two reporters arrested in Ferguson, Mo


USA Today:

Two reporters arrested in Ferguson, Mo.

Ferguson, Mo., police fired tear gas at demonstrators and arrested two reporters as the St. Louis suburb erupted for a fourth night after a police officer fatally shot an unarmed teen Saturday.
City officials had asked for calm, but police set up barricades and were out in force as the sun went down.
As a protest escalated, officers in riot gear moved in to close a McDonald’s restaurant where reporters were writing and charging cellphones.

Reporters Wesley Lowery of The Washington Post and Ryan Reilly of The Huffington Post said on Twitter that police told them to stop recording the events, then took them into custody.
Reilly tweeted that police asked him for his ID when he took a photo. He said he and Lowery were arrested for “not packing their bags quick enough.”
Lowery tweeted, “Officers slammed me into a fountain soda machine because I was confused about which door they were asking me to walk out of.”

Los Angeles Times reporter Matt Pearce tweeted that when he contacted Ferguson police Chief Thomas Jackson and asked about the arrests of the reporters, Jackson responded, “Oh God.”
Pearce said he spoke to the chief a second time and Jackson said he asked the riot command to release the reporters.

If cops object to being recorded that’s a pretty good indicator they know they’re up to no good. As for arresting reporters I assume they have never heard of the 1st Amendment.


I would be interesting to see the TEA party folks show up in Fergussen as it looks like both, the protestors and them are dealing- or feel they are dealing with the Government over-reaching their role.

Would be interesting. n Maybe attract some attention by a group of folks they haven’t reached out ot as yet.


This armed crackdown is absolutely chilling.

I wonder what next demonstration will involve paramilitaries aiming weapons at protesters and arresting, attacking, and intimidating the press. :eek:

If this was going on in an oil producing middle Eastern state the US would be sanctioning and funding radical Islamic rebels to topple it :thumbsup:


Maybe we should round up all these over the top officers who want to be GI Joes on American streets and ship them to Iraq to fight ISIL. I mean, that’s what they look like they’re ready for.


The reporters were detained for 3-hours for eating at McDonalds. No charge for eating at McDonalds. Did you see the smoke grenade blow up by the camera? The reporters fled, and the police took down the camera and lights.

Looks like Oakland, they need a trained force there from elsewhere. I can’t imagine what they are waiting for.


Were’s the morons in Washington? Another ridiculous media set of optics. Someone needs to speak up. Where’s the gov? Anyone? Holder? General Kirby? :slight_smile: We’re all Americans lets not forget here.


The Justice Department (Holder) has been there investigating since Monday.


Anonymous has gotten involved and are threatening action if anyone is abused, harassed or harmed by police.


Any public statements, assessment? From what I understand there’s a call for nationwide protests tonight. Be nice for someone to speak up?


Be nice if the President got involved-surely he could make a statement in the break between the 9 and 10th holes


I trust reporters as much as I trust the government. I wonder how all of this will play out as more facts emerge.


Poor guy can’t even relax and play a game of golf. I should record this, it may be a historic moment in the civil rights movement we lost track of with the last 50 years of war. He’s multi tasking today, Ferguson, Iraq, Israel and Ukraine, I’ll leave the priority to him.


The Gov, said they need safety and happy people, its part of the long march to justice and everyone wants to be heard. He said he don’t care about respect, just safety. Little rough but not bad for a rush job.

Lots of phone calls from the vineyard today. The President called him personally and their wish was “peace, justice and growth”.


I bring up the TEA party and you bring up the president?
I don’t get that.
Maybe the President should cut his vacation short but that’s not really addressing my post. How about we do that.

Well, what do you think about my thoughts on the TEA party? This could be a great opportunity for them.


It seems the police every where are getting too bold and aggressive. Here they manage to shoot service dogs, old dogs, and pets but can’t shoot some fool that just killed a load of people in a theater. (Aurora Theater Shooting two years ago.)

Now they shoot an unarmed kid with no record of every being in trouble. I don’t blame people for being upset. But reacting violently does not help. It only gives the cops guilty of being militant a reason to say they have to be that way.

The problem with police violence is not new. I can remember my dad stopping to help a neighbor who was being beat in a police car years ago, like 40 years ago. The guy had called the police for help due to a prowler, and when they saw him in his yard they arrested him, even though he said he was the one that called, and then started beating him in the back of the cop car. My dad got out and took on the cops, then he reported them and made sure something got done about it.

My brother was accused of wrong doing that he did not do, and the only thing that kept the guns from coming out was a street full of witnesses and the fact that people confronted the cops then. But now it only seems to take a sideways glance and you can get shot. My state has been on the news for assaults against inmates in jail and police brutality on a regular basis. It needs to stop.

Good cops are getting a bad name for it, and the bad ones need to go. Each State needs to step up their roles in managing this. Our state has been looking the other way for several years, and now the doo doo is hitting the fan.

I want good police forces for the protection of the people. But I do not want rouge cops killing people at random or because they have a problem with their temper, racism or whatever their issue is. Peaceful demonstrations are needed. Not riots, however.


As the point has been made, the press look after their own.

With the exception of Fox, the press does not cover the IRS harassing the Tea Party that much.

But now, the government crackdown is chilling. We get it!


There is no monolithic tea party. What you have is hundreds of small, mostly local organizations. No one “speaks” for the tea party so I don’t know how “they” can get involved since there is no “they”


President sending DOJ to investigate case and protests and reminded everyone the violence by the police and rioting is not acceptable. No bullying of journalists, we’re all Americans. Peace and calm was called for.

The Vacation from hell CNN called it, tough week.

Together, we should all mourn the loss of life in Ferguson, Missouri and work to keep our communities safe and free. Police officers risk their lives every day to keep us safe, and any time a young man loses his life in a confrontation with law enforcement, it is tragic.

All of our prayers are with the citizens of Ferguson, that the violence will subside and peace will be restored. Reporters should never be detained — a free press is too important — simply for doing their jobs. Civil liberties must be protected, but violence is not the answer. Once the unrest is brought to an end, we should examine carefully what happened to ensure that justice is served. Ted Cruz


Well, maybe some prominent member could make a statement.

Just brainstorming here. . . .


As much as I would like to agree with them at times, I really can’t stand vigilantes. For example, during the Stubenville rape case, they hacked into the police database and retrieved photos of the victim. I don’t care what your opinion was in that case, that crossed a huge line in my opinion. Even though they blurred her face, she knew it was her image spreading across the internet.

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