Two Rosarys


I have one Rosary hand made and given to me by my Dad. It is blessed by the priest who Baptized, Confirmed, and gave me first Eucharist (all on the same night - I’m a convert). It hangs above my bed and I use it when I pray at night.

I have another Rosary which I made and was blessed sorta randomly when I went to another parish for Confession and was given part of the Rosary to say as penance. Because this Rosary stays in my car, I actually pray with it more often at Adoration or just when I need to take some time and focus on God.

I was just wondering if anyone else uses two Rosarys or if I am weird. Considering spell-check doesn’t even accept the word ‘Rosarys’, it is probably safe to say this is weird. :blush:


I don’t think it’s wierd to have or use more than one rosary. I have a few and try to usually keep one in my purse and another by my bedside. You never know where you may need it. :slight_smile: I’ve been thinking of keeping one in my car as well.


I have a rosary in my house that I usually pray with and a “travel rosary” that goes with me everywhere. I don’t want to break the pretty one.:slight_smile:


No it is not weird. People cary rosaries around with them to pray often. And often times t can be a different rosary each time. It doesn’t matter which one you use or if you have more than 1 at a time. What is more important is remembering to pray the rosary, not if you use one more than another. I have my mother’s rosary from her days she prayed here on earth, she passed away in May 2008], and 2 of my own. One I bought myself for RCIA class, and 1 my mother bought me when I was in 1st communion.I use the one I bought for my RCIA class more often than the one my mother bought for me, because it is aged and delicate to handle and I don’t want it to break. Even though it can be replaced with a new one that is blessed, it holds fond memories for me.


This is not weird. I have a couple rosaries, one of which I keep in my purse for just such occasions as it might be convenient to pray it when I’m out and about.


I have two 5 decade rosaries. Since I’m converting, none of mine are antique so I don’t have to worry about breakage yet. I pray with both, and the only deciding factor really is whichever one I feel like using at that moment. I plan on getting more (there are so many choices!) and so I’ll probably have enough to use a different one every day. Plus, if I have a bunch of children one of these days, they won’t have to fight over who gets my ONE rosary when I die.

But you are obviously not weird, because the other day I was looking online and they had a set that you could get–4 rosaries, where each rosary was a different color, and on each Our Father bead there was a tiny picture depticting the scene you were supposed to be meditating on. So a Rosary for every Mystery :slight_smile: I thought that was a really neat idea. :slight_smile:


The word “Rosary,” like most other nouns ending in “y,” is made plural by dropping the “y” and adding “ies.”

And you’re definitely not weird for having more than one. I hope puzzleannie answers you - she’s got them all over the place! :slight_smile:



Oh my goodness, only 2? LOL I have tons! That’s partly because I make them, but trust me when I say you can never have too many. I have one at work, in the car, one I carry, several at home and of course the one’s I’m making as well. Many are gifts, some I have bought and made so one can never have too many plus you might run into someone who might need one so you may just think about carrying an extra… just in case. God Bless you on your conversion!


I have several rosaries around my house and car, and carry one to give away, in case someone should ask about it. I also like to keep a rosary tape for my car cd player, it helps to keep me focused. :gopray2:


:doh2: I admit I can’t spell. :rotfl:

I have ones I make as well. But I don’t count them because I don’t use them to pray.

Okay everyone I’m convinced I’m not weird. Thanks for responding! I’d still like to hear about everyone’s Rosary collections.


No,I don’t think it’s wierd to have more than one rosary.I have several myself which I alternate using.I especially cherish one that was my father’s.He gave it to me before he died.


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