Two spirted:

Is there anything wrong with being a two spirted guy e.g.: wearing nail polish?

But not to the extent of being in a homosexual relationship, or being identified in the umbrella of being LGBT.

You can wear clear nail polish If you need to protect your nails from work or chemicals. However anything other than that will raise eyebrows.

I’ve never heard of this. I looked up the definition and it says this means a Native
American person who believes that his body houses both a male and a female spirit.

It’s true that our social conventions regarding male and female are to a great extent social conventions. That is, we dress baby boys in blue and girls in pink but it used to be the opposite.
Obviously we are not stereotypes, though sometimes we act like that. My daughter thought she was gay because she enjoys hanging out with guys and doesn’t like frilly dresses. Pretty silly. Men and women come in all types, and currently many people are very confused.

So males can have feminine qualities, for example be good at caretaking small children, be artistic, be good cooks, and women can have masculine qualities. That doesn’t change their sex.
But currently dressing like a member of the opposite sex, or wearing things like nail polish which are usually assigned to women, sends a message. Maybe not a message that a Christian really wants to send.


It it necessary to ask why it is being done to determine the answer. What is the thought when wearing it? Is it vanity which can be a venial sin, looking for praise from others?

There is no such thing. You have one spirit-- your spiritual soul created in the image and likeness of God.

What would be the purpose of a man wearing nail polish?

Perhaps you need some spiritual counseling from your pastor.

Part of the point I’m getting at which I apologise is not so clear is what should be the Christian limit when acting like the opposite sex.

When I put down 2 spirted I was merely trying to introduce the idea that there our people who seem to behave as the opposite sex. But aren’t necessarily homosexual.

There was this special on PBS in America that described this male native teenager who tended to dress as a girl cause it suited him. I think he was brading his hair, and putting on nail polish. He was eventually stoned/beaten to death for doing so.

On the vanity front I don’t think it’s necessary that, but maybe some other vice. Why do men dress up as women? Is it morally objectionable?

Some men knit in public. I think this may be considered breaking a social norm, and lead to some “frowning”. But besides sticking out like a sore thumb, he is only doing what he likes. It’s just this macho idea that men should be a certain way.

According to a Latin translation and a geneology search my last name is a reference to two spirits or two brooks. Boy, am I in big trouble’ I either have two spirits or two brooks bubbling through my veins.:smiley:

“what girls do” and “what boys do” is a social norm, not a teaching of moral theology.

In Scotland, men wear kilts. In the US, they do not. But this isn’t a man dressing up as a woman, this is a man dressing as a man does in his own country.

So, really this isn’t a question of moral theology except in the sense of should people do things to be provocative and purposely transgress social norms.

When a person has a disordered desire to cross-dress or wear nail polish or whatever, if these are born out of a sexual fetish then they move into the realm of moral theology.

Come to think of it-my father had long, curly red hair when he was a child. Men of the early 14th, 15th and 16th century dressed in most feminate ways, wore make-up, perfumes and powered wigs. Who would’a guessed.

I think that a fetish is not a moral concern unless a sexual sin is ensues. We tend to be overly judgmental at times.

At the same time some exercise of judgement is required. So you may think someone dressed as the opposite sex may be in a state of sin i.e. conducting homosexual acts.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a guy at church who was dressed in tight jeans and what seemed to be shoes with heals. I didn’t think “oh he’s gay, he puts me off”.

Deut 22:5 “A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman’s garment; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God.”

The only thing is that this is the law.

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