Two suicide bombers kill at least 10 and wound 60 after first opening fire with AK-47s in Brussels-style attack on Istanbul airport


I am sure the many Turkish Muslims massacred over the last year or so by ISIL would not deny such fanatics exist. If they could still offer an opinion.


Who is winning this war, I wonder - ISIL/S or the West or what’s left of it. Tough one to call…


Praying for the repose of the souls of those who died. Praying for the health & recovery of the injured. Praying for the families of both.




This is so sad. :frowning:

Eternal rest grant unto them oh Lord and may perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.


praying for an end to these deadly attacks. what does ISIS have against Turkey? or was this attack simply to strike terror to those who travel? my family is flying this weekend within the States. I will be praying for them.
praying for the dead and injured in Istanbul.


Oh, you should totally go! :slight_smile: Despite this tragedy, Istanbul’s a fantastic city. I’d actually be pretty happy living there, I like it so much.


The ISIS fighters and other Islamic terrorists really do want to die. Turkey is a logical base of operations for NATO to launch devastating attacks against them, but has been very slow to allow robust action on its soil. This may finally convince the Turkish government that they are already in danger and need to respond.


Hopefully so.


My sincerest condolences to those who were injured and/or traumatized, and to the families and friends of the people who were killed.

I honestly don’t even know what else to say anymore. I read of these devastatingly frequent bombings in Turkey, in Iraq, in Syria, and elsewhere, and I read the numbers of dead, and I read that IS has claimed responsibility. It makes me angry and it fills me with grief.

I cannot relate to this destructive, murderous instinct. Everything about IS is intolerable to me.


Turkey is around 96% Muslim, yet it is a pretty secular state in terms of politics. There is no official state religion and the constitution provides for freedom of religion. Although it has changed a little over the years, separation of mosque and state has been a long tradition in Turkey going back to 1923.

ISIS absolutely despises this. It is totally at odds with their ideology, which claims that ISIS is a worldwide caliphate with sole authority over all Muslims worldwide. I would even guess that they hate Muslim nations which allow for freedom of religion even more than they hate Christians. ISIS was formed in 1999 as Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad (JTJ) in Jordan with the purpose of overthrowing the Kingdom of Jordan. Jordan is another place where freedom of religion has a long tradition and Jews and Christians largely live in peace next to their Muslim neighbors. As you can imagine, this infuriated JTJ, who considered the king to be an apostate. In all wars there is a special kind of hatred for those considered “traitors”, which is how Turkey and Jordan are viewed by ISIS.


They’re really nuts (if that hadn’t been obvious before). That is, I don’t think they’re rational actors. Maybe no fanatics are?


Not making much sense, the incoming foreign fighters flowed through their borders by large, the refugees the opposite way, fighting with the Kurds, supposedly buying Isis oil. Don’t want to fight Sunni radicals and wouldn’t go along with the other Gulf States denouncing the MB. Turkey has been a steady feed of bad news with few bright spots but of recent mentioned above.

Such a multi layered complex mess. I hope they had enough.


Notice they attacked an international airport. i am sure Obama and Hillary will soon announce that this shows the need for stronger gun control and a campaign against ingrained xenophobia among the populace. They must also take care that this does not lead to a rise in Islamophobia. I am sure they will have more comments to make once the number of victims that were homosexual and/or members other marginalized groups are known


I know right.

We’re still leading from behind Bob, because we don’t want to insult good muslims. Instead we are leading from behind with “our” enemy and beating and torturing good muslims. :confused:


I just feel bad that American imperialism and Zionism force these brave young men into taking their own lives.


This is an unfortunate thing that happened in Constantinople. I wonder if they were trying to target New Rome because it was a major Christian city at one point.


“Look, we have challenges with Iran as everybody knows and we are working on those challenges,” Kerry told reporters. “But I can tell you that Iran in Iraq has been in certain ways helpful, and they clearly are focused on ISIL-Daesh [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL], and so we have a common interest, actually,” John Kerry

Course he went on to suggest we are winning to keep in step with the optics.

Hes right “we all know”. We all know you couldn’t have a bigger mess. How this is helping the good muslims mystifies me. Fallujah helps the security situation in Baghdad which was critical but Mosul a major stronghold with 4X the amount of civilians. If they can’t get up there till next year the Turkey/Orlando type attacks will continue and they are intensifying. I can’t see winning, I see won “a battle” not even close to the war.


Wow. I think is one of the most eloquent statements yet I have heard about this attack. You’ve gone to the heart of the matter, Bob.

John Kerry, though, is nipping at your heels - fyi - ISIS is now in a “desperate stage.” We’ve got them on the ropes so bad they are now reduced to attacking civilians in airports.

(sorry I can’t provide an English translation or any further support for this argument. I think we’ll need to head to a parallel universe for that, or maybe try Obama, though I suspect he is unavailable - on the campaign trail.)


I feel the same way. :frowning:

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