Two Teachers Placed on Leave in Wake of 3rd Grade Sex Scandal in Riverside


Parents attended a meeting Thursday night at John Adams Elementary School in Riverside looking for answers after a report that a third-grade student had been sexually assaulting a classmate for several months.

How did the third-grade perpetrator get the sexual knowledge he had without having been abused himself?

LOVE! :slight_smile:


It doesn’t work like that.

That’s like James Bulger’s killers not being able to commit murder unless they had been murdered themselves.


I’m with you, Robert. I wonder if there is an investigation of the abuser’s parents.




Wow, how very sad. I am going to pray for all involved.


My guess would be porn.


Nope. Sexual activity like that isn’t something that is on the mind of a normal third grader. Many (most?) molesters were themselves molested as children.

Obviously, there isn’t a murderer out there that has ever committed their killings because they themselves had been murdered.:rolleyes:




Unfortunately it does work that way. This is a learned behavior, either form personal experience or through access to pornography.


Some teachers (now not all) leave kids unattended. I remember it myself while attending school and my own children told me about it. I can remember some things happening during those times as well, can honestly say that I learned a lot about sex from other kids at a very young age. It was vocal and well as on the playground, boys would chase and hump on me. Honestly. Starting in first grade. Schools should break up a teachers days and give them many breaks. Teachers get burned out so easily, they are tired. I have a friend that’s a teacher and she will find every opportunity to get away. No excuse but I’m just telling y’all, it happens. Your children are more unsupervised than supervised especially between classes, during PE and playground time and especially during bathroom breaks.




Yes, The Department of Children’s Services is investigating.


This story is horrible, and it’s particularly frightening to me as a parent to think that this kind of thing can go one at school at all, let alone for such a long period of time.

But I must confess, I’m a bit lost on the language used to describe this story. From the article:

a third-grade student had been sexually assaulting a classmate for several months.

One boy allegedly coerced another boy to perform sex acts

Let me preface the following question by saying I am by no means trying to downplay the severity of this story or trying to make it sound as if it’s not as bad as it really is, or anything like that.

But is there not a significant difference between assault and coercion? Assault brings to mind violence (as in forcing his target to do something on threat of physical pain), while coercion brings to mind non-violent manipulation (as in blackmail, trickery, or promising something desireable in return).

As I said, I’m not trying to take any of the severity away from this story at all. I’m merely questioning the use of terminology here. Am I simply being too picky about words? Has the colloqiual use of “assault” been broadened to non-violent acts? Or has the media gotten habituated in labeling all situations of sexual wrong-doing as assault?


As an elementary school teacher, I have to dispute a few things here.
If in an elementary setting children are more unsupervised than supervised, there is something wrong with that school’s practices.
Teachers certainly get tired, but the job demands we supervise our children. And that’s not what burns teachers out. What burns teachers out is curricular demands, lack of parental support on homework and discipline, and the like. This is not middle school, where between classes is 3 to 5 minutes. Most elementary settings are still self-contained.



Yes, but a 3rd grader understanding porn? I doubt that.

why would a 3rd grader even have an interest/ motive to do this? For me, it was 5th grade before I even started to like females…is this particular kid some kind of freak or nature, or…?


In legal terms, assault is a threat to act & battery is the physical act. Assault gets used as kind of the catch-all for any unwanted physical threat or action against another.


Wow. It sounds like this kid needs to be put in a psychological ward or possibly one of them homes for troubled kids for a long while. I know of someone who was in a home for troubled kids once but I won’t mention who.


I do not know if a 3rd grader is even capable of having sex, even if he/she knew how to do it. It is rare for a 9 or 10-year-old to be sexually mature. Of course, sexual abuse, speaking legally, can also involve “touching.”

It is quite sad, actually. Children are having sex at younger and younger ages these days. That is why Confirmation should be given before First Holy Communion, so temptation can be fought by the grace of God. :frowning:


Babies are capable of having an erection. We’ve had many threads about little girls rubbing themselves for pleasure. Young children aren’t capable of reproducing, but they are capable of arousal.

This child wasn’t “having sex.” “Having sex” insinuates consensual relations. Sexual assault isn’t about sex. It is normally about control. And with a child this young, statistics say that he is being assaulted at home and he is simply doing what he knows. I don’t see that he needs Confirmation to fight temptation as much as he needs someone to get him out of his current living situation.


Trust me, the parents will be interviewed. Parents who allow under age children free access to the internet without filter software should be held accountable on some level if their kids access and are damaged by viewing porn. Really… any kid is damaged by looking at porn.

A unprotected computer is a terrible accident waiting to happen. Why take a chance on your kids being harmed?


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