Two-thirds of illegal immigrant children approved for asylum


Nearly two-thirds of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children requesting asylum this year have had their initial applications approved, the House Judiciary Committee reported Friday in data that suggests those kids surging across the border who ask to stay will likely be able to gain admission to the U.S.
The numbers show both that the U.S. government generally believes the children are fleeing dangerous conditions that they cannot return to, and signals that it will be far tougher to deport most of the children.
According to the Judiciary Committee’s numbers, 65 percent of unaccompanied children’s asylum applications are approved by the initial asylum officer so far in 2014. Even those who are refused can ask for an appeal, which means the total number who end up staying, with government permission, is likely to be higher.
That figure doesn’t include the others who never apply for asylum and try to disappear into the shadows, or who spend years in the country awaiting court dates.

Somehow I find myself not surprised…although I was hopeful when some of them were indeed sent home to their parents.


I’m sad they have to be separated from their parents, but it’s pretty clear they’re coming from a dire situation. They shouldn’t have to fear for their lives. At least they’ll be safe here.

I think this is a good thing. The situation is terrible, but they’re here now, and they need our help.


I totally agree. I have slowly seen people here have soften their tone on immigration. I see what these people mean about coming here illegally, but we also have to understand no matter how we cut it, these people are not coming here just b/c their coming bc their lives are in danger and they are trying to get away from that.


Two-thirds? Really?? Well, I’m not sure that is the right course of action.

If this is really so, it will set an even bigger precedent for more and more parents sending their children across the border, will it not?


Somewhat. Depends on how the situation unfolds. In my opinion, we have an amazing opportunity to teach and bless these children beyond what they could have been taught at home. Who knows, they may get passionate and go home one day.

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” -“The New Colossus”


What do you expect we do, these people need our help. Most of these people who come, have the discipline to be hard working even the kids. We need that b/c a lot of our youth can not even lift a hammer.


I agree with you 100%, its like the phrase goes, today you help me, tomorrow ill helpyou.


As I posted in another thread, still wish I said this:

Pack these kids up and send them home.


I believe you are wrong. I hope you never find yourself in a situation like these families are, on in that case anyone in your family, b/c then will it hurt and it will hurt even more.


It’s a complex situation, to be sure. I’ll need to read up more on the topic in depth. But for now, I do hold to my view that this may not be the best course of action.

I do believe that children coming from war-ravaged lands should almost always be given asylum, but let me read up more on the issue.

God Bless.


People might counter saying that Central America is not being hit with a war, per say Ukraine (just throwing a name out to you). But the way gangs are taking over these small poor countries, its as close as it can get to being a war.


Hey, I am not dumb enough to buy into some barker telling me to pay some coyote and he’ll get me a visa to transit Mexico so I get to live off the yankee welfare, because Obama giving away amnesty. Don’t kid me either amnesty is what this has been all about from the beginning.


No worse than Chicago! The meme about horror and violence is media spin to save Obama chestnuts.


You just called yourself dumb, not me. I am saying doh, if you (and don’t say no I wouldn’t b/c if we were in their shoes we would be on the first train out here), we would do anything we could to better our lives.

Second, you speak that these people come here to get welfare. What fantasy are you living? Let me tell you something and some people might say I’m racist but if your honest with yourself you know I’m speaking the truth. How many people in this country get food stamps. How many are minorities (blacks and Hispanics) what about 70% are whom get those food stamps? My former next door neighbor. They are Mexican American, I think her great great grandparents came from Mexico. But the last 4 generations were all v=born here. So they have their papers. She has 8 kids from 8 different baby daddy’s. She gets $1,200 of food stamps from your money and my money. She’s a US citizen shouldn’t you be complaining about her? Not only her but of other US women (black, white Hispanic) who have kids like crazy from different father’s?


Who causes most of these crimes in Chicago? US citizens, shouldn’t you be complaining about them?


Who makes up the gangs in LA? NY?

Is there some new development in Central America that is sending us tens of thousands of immigrants this summer? Why is Mexico, with its strict immigration and border policies, allowing Central Americans to trek through?

Highly reminiscent of Fast and Furious. Thousands of American guns suddenly showing up in Mexican drug lords’ hands.

There is something going on we don’t know about.


Why does most drugs come to America? Millions and millions of dollars get spent in drugs here in the US. Guess who use them, rich white people> Guess who controls the government? Rich white people, you see the addition?


First of all, you are missing Steve’s point that the violence in our own inner cities is comparable to that in Central America.

Secondly, are you sure about the citizenry of gang members in the US?


What a fine example of Catholic love and compassion. I saw 17-year-old girl interviewed on TV the other day. She said the gang members in, I believe El Salvador, killed her brother because he would not join their gang. They then turned and said to her “You belong to us now and you are our property.” She faced a life of sexual abuse.

I cannot comprehend what it would be like to have to face such a decision. I would probably be “dumb” enough (more accurately, desperate enough) to turn to the coyotes.


You mean like Hollywood rich white people?

Guess who controls the government? Rich white people,

In case you haven’t noticed, our president is black. Our AG is black, our SC has black and Latino people on it. Our Congress has many people of color on it.

you see the addition?

No I don’t because rich white people aren’t the only ones who use drugs in this country. Drugs are the scourge of every major city and rural area in this country. We have people working for us who die of drug wars in the inner city. They die young. It’s a very, very sad commentary on our country. I wish President Obama would regularly visit the black communities in our country and tell these kids they don’t need to live like this. They can have hope, and that it’s not just a pipe dream. Obama is a perfect role model for them. He was raised by a single mom. That’s my biggest disappointment with this president.

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