Two-thirds of Lebanon’s Christians believe Hezbollah is protecting country


Two-thirds of Lebanon’s Christians believe Hezbollah is protecting Lebanon from the threat of takfiris (extremist groups), a recent survey by the Beirut Center for Research and Information


My opinion is that we ARE getting :confused: slants on various ME groups …
Yes Hezbollah didn’t seem like terrorists to me, but instead they seemed like heroes actually stopping armored aggression. :shrug:



Probably true, for now, in the same sort of way a mafia controlled neighborhood is protected from invasion by MS-13. And it isn’t at all uncommon for residents of a mafia-controlled neighborhood to be grateful for it. But ultimately, Hezbollah is as much a terrorist organization and every bit as intolerant as its master, Iran. It’s just less noisy than some, and bides its time.


I feel sorry for the Palestinians in Hezbollah because they are probably fighting on the side of the Syrian government, in Syria, so they may as well be suffering some casualties. That’s the gist of my thinking on this.

ISIS publicizes it’s violence, as despicable as it is, most likely, if the Syrian Government has inflicted violence back, they aren’t going to be publicizing it.


I believe it. Without Hezbollah’s fierceness there would be little to no resistance to ISIS and other Sunni extremists.


Do you actually think that Lebanese Christians have the freedom to openly speak against Hezbollah or other terrorist groups?


The Sunnis have been beheading the Shias and taking their wives and daughters as slaves. Sunni terrorist armies have declared war on the Christians and on the Shias all over the world. So the Shias are currently on the same side as us when it comes to this. Have you ever heard the expression “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”? That’s where we are at least for now with the Shias. By far, the biggest terrorism threat to the world today is with Sunni extremism and their obsessive goal of violently taking over and enslaving the whole world to Islam.


Some Christians in Lebanon speak out loudly against Hezbollah on an almost daily basis. The Christians in the March 14th Alliance for instance continue to make the totally bizarre argument that the reason that ISIS and Jabhat Al-Nusra want to attack Lebanon is because Hezbollah are fighting for the government in Syria.


Christians in the Middle East are in " catch 22. " No Muslim country really wants them and they suffer persecution wherever they live. But less in some locations than in others. So their views are slanted in favor of those who persecute them less and who allow them the most freedom and security. So their views don’t trouble me. Saddam Hussain, Mubarek, Assad all protected them to some extent and allowed them to live relatively secure lives. So if they view Hezbollah as their protectors, I understand why they do.



That doesn’t line up with the narrative the US govt wants us to believe…


Why is that bizarre? Hezbollah is supportive of the Assad government, including with fighters.

It might not be the only reason ISIS attacks in Lebanon, but it’s a rational one and likely is among its motivations.

Ultimately, if ISIS continues to gain power, the fight is between ISIS and Iran, with Hezbollah on Iran’s side of it.


ISIS and to a lesser extent Jabhat Al-Nusra (ISIS Light) kill people primarily for not being on the same exact page with them theologically. That’s why ISIS kills Christians, Shias, Alawites, Yazidis, moderate Sunnis, Iraqi tribesmen, Kurds, and anyone else who disagrees with them. They don’t need a reason other than that.


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