Two-thirds of small businesses to see premiums spike under Obamacare: Report


About two-thirds of Americans who work at small businesses will see health-insurance premiums increase under Obamacare, according to a new federal report.

The higher premiums will affect about 11 million Americans, according to the report from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The report also estimated an additional 6 million individuals will see reductions in their premiums.

The report was released Friday, but came to light late Monday as some lawmakers have seized on the report’s release to voice their skepticism about Obamacare.


That has got to be a bogus report…

This Country was promised, not only by the president but also leading members of congress…that our health insurance premiums would DECREASE. :blush:


Yeah! He PROMISED! Everyone knows that no president of the United States ever breaks his promises, right? :shrug:


At my work, our insurance premiums have gone up 170% since we adopted the ACA guidelines in 2009 (we adopted early). Even our leaders were surprised - they also thought that premiums would increase only slightly. Some have started blaming poor general health among employees, and it’s interesting to note that in the subsequent rounds of layoffs we have endured over the past six months, its the older workers who have been let go. Meanwhile our new hires are all recent college grads, hale and fit and without children.

We’re a mid-sized business, technically, about 1,200 employees. The ACA guidelines still hit us. In 2008 when I went to see the doctor for the flu, the office visit was billed at $65 and I paied $25 in co-pay and the insurance covered the rest. That was when our family plan was $110/paycheck. Now, it’s $150 to see the doctor, of which my insurance covers $35 and I foot the other $115 (until I have spent $2,850 out of pocket for the year, then I pay $15 of the bill). Our family plan costs $300/paycheck. I’m a senior-level position so its a little easier for me. For the 26-year-old with a wife and kid at home (because day care costs more than they can afford on her meager salary), they’re paycheck-to-paycheck.

Thanks, all you Senators who didn’t read this infernal thing before you voted on it, declared it good, and have since started backpedaling on it. You can talk a good game but we’re still stuck fattening up the insurance companies and hospitals.


=Zoltan Cobalt;11743586]That has got to be a bogus report…



This Country was promised,


Ah, yes! Government promises!

not only by the president but also leading members of congress…

By leading members of Congress, you must by default be referring to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Not a single republican voted for the final version of this bill.

.that our health insurance premiums would DECREASE. :blush:

Conservatives knew this would happen before the law was passed.

American voters should have thought of that in the North Dakota, Indiana, Wisconsin and Missouri Senate races and before re-electing Obama/Biden in 2012.

As Hannity says “you get the government you vote for.”

Hopefully, Americans will remember that the next time a faux “war on women”, “legitimate rape” or the appearance (including skin color and gender) or sexual orientation of their candidates clouds their better judgment.

Good day!



@SuperLuigi: I’m pretty sure the poster you quoted was being sarcastic. lol. Just as you were.


No surprise here. The Democratic establishment, contrary to their claims, is NOT looking out for the middle class. Their constituency is the exact opposite: the ultra rich and the very poor. They’ve managed to combine those two constituencies against the middle.

The poor, of course, are easy to manipulate. Set up programs designed to create permanent dependency. Now who are they going to vote for, the OTHER guy who OPPOSES those programs? Be serious.

The ultra rich Democratic constituency are who actually pull the levers in the party. These are the guys who actually control the giant corporations and/or hold vast personal fortunes: Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros, the Big Banking CEOs and so on. These guys have empires that must be maintained and competition is the only thing that can threaten it. That means that creating a business environment where it is brutally expensive to start up or expand a business is in their best interest. Giant corporations can afford these costs; they just raise prices to consumers and no competition can afford to emerge to challenge them. You really think it’s coincidence that the financial crisis didn’t eliminate the disastrous big banks, but enabled them to gobble up all the small ones?

NOW you understand why Obamacare whacks small and medium businesses the hardest. Those were the marching orders of the robber barons who control the party. You don’t REALLY believe that the politicians didn’t know what was in the bill, did ya?

P.S. The above doesn’t excuse the other party’s favoritism to the ‘merely rich’ (as opposed to the mega rich). Those of us who work hard for a living and have little left to save after buying the basics aren’t really represented by ANYBODY in politics anymore. But that’s a topic for another thread! :wink:


How do you think they planned to pay for the increased number of people receiving government supplemented insurance? Of course premiums will go up. Of course people are not allowed to keep their plans that cost less and gave better coverage. None of this should come as any surprise, particularly if you have to pass the plan in order to see the plan. In short, wealth redistribution has always been the plan. Health care insurance certainly isn’t the plan. If it were and only 4 million out of the 44 million we were told were uninsured are now covered, then the plan is an even worse failure than anyone suspected.



Yes. it is true I was being sarcastic (I forgot to use the “Sarcasm Font”)

But SuperLuigi is right on…:thumbsup:

Obamacare is nothing more than a government power grab and a wealth distribution scheme.


Obama also lied when, to get elected, he said that he was against so-called same-sex “marriage.”
But, as soon as he got elected he immediately began doing everything possible to take America in that direction.
He told the truth about being for absolutely no limits on abortion though.


I think they went about this the wrong way. This hybrid public-private system is not going to work. They should have gone with a single payer system for preventative health care, leaving insurance to handle actual medical emergencies. That’s the whole idea behind insurance. You pay when times are good to cover when times are bad. The current insurance system isn’t really insurance. It’s just healthy people paying for sick people. I know there’s some people with very bad health through no fault of their own, such as cancer that costs tons of money to treat, but that’s where friends, family, and charities have to fill in.


There have been studies demonstrating that preventive care does not change health outcomes. Besides, that’s the least expensive end of healthcare, affordable by almost everyone. Catastrophic illness is the big cost driver and bankrupter, but you can’t buy insurance just to cover that anymore.


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