Two US Catholic Churches Vandalized in One Week [HB]

CNA STAFF, Jun 25, 2009 / 07:06 am (CNA).- A devastating act of vandalism at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Mandarin, Florida last weekend left a total of nine religious statues damaged. Fr. Daniel Cody, pastor of St. Joseph’s, said that he was disappointed by the incident, but is asking his parishioners to pray for whoever committed the acts.

Some statues were only slightly damaged after being pushed from their pedestals, while others were completely destroyed. Included in the damage was a statue of St. Patrick that cost well over $30,000, now shattered. Another statue depicted the Blessed Mother. Made of white Italian marble, it was worth over $22,000. Pushed off its base, the statue is now missing its head.

The vandalism is believed to have occurred sometime Saturday night, and was discovered Sunday morning as the Church was being opened for Mass.


Also burglery in southern AZ as well.
SIERRA VISTA — An early Sunday morning break-in at St. Andrew the Apostle Church probably netted the thieves little money but the theft of three wrought iron votive candle stands, each valued at $500, and $1,000 in damage to a door means the church will have to spend money to replace those items, Rev. Greg Adolf said Monday.

Such vandalism is far more widespread than people would realize. Statutes of Mary were destoryed at two of the three Catholic churches in my small city of 15,000 in recent years, but neither of these instances were reported in more than the local city newspaper. I presume that we don’t hear of nearly all the instances of vandalism of U.S. Catholic churches. Personally, I’m not disturbed because I already knew that there were people with such hate in our society. What can you personally do but pray?

This is very sad. I once got upset when I wanted to go to a local Catholic church to pray during the middle of the day and found the doors locked. The priest told me that he had to lock the doors because people would pry open the donation boxes for the poor to steal the money. I mean, how low can a person get to steal from the poor inside a church? :mad:

I don’t think our church has ever had a desecration, but we had an incident a few months ago when someone stole part of the Sunday offering. Our church used to pass the collection baskets around the church in the direction of the back of the church. Ushers would collect the baskets, step into the narthex to collate the baskets into the deposit bag, and then bring it up to the front of the church to the sacristy behind the altar. At the time, the parish allowed kids to collect the money along with adults. According to the priest, a man confronted one of the kids when he was in the narthex and asked for the money (claiming to be an usher). The kid gave him the Sunday collection, and the man ran off. :mad:

Now they have to pass the collection baskets from the back of the church toward the altar so the congregation and priest can watch the money.

a local church had outdoor statues and signs vandalized a few months ago–the perpetrators turned out to be over-enthusiastic youth group members from another parish, incited by some of their leaders who had objected to some outspoken words from the first pastor about questionable activities in the second parish. sad sad sad. Our neighboring parish, the “downtown” church which used to be open at all hours for adoration, is now locked except during services, because of vandalism, thefts, and attacks on visitors. Pastors here now are adding security people or off duty cops to their employment roster, a cost which of course will impact other programs.

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