Two Witnesses of Apocalypse as Illuminative Way of People of God


Two Witnesses of Apocalypse as Illuminative Way of People of God

I see the Two Witnesses of Apocalypse 11 discourse as an image of the Illuminative Way of the People's God, both of OT and NT.

In the OT, the Witnesses are the Law and the Prophets, in the NT, the Written Word of God and the Oral Word of God, Scripture and Tradition.

Out of both these instances, the People of God are illumined by these fountains of truth. That persons try to harm them and the harm comes back on them in the same manner images that attempting to deny or resist their teachings, brings spiritual harm on the attacker to the precise spiritual degree and nature of their attack. After all, God's truths are revelatory and redemptive. When we deny or resist accepting them, we misunderstand God, and bring harm to ourselves, for there are always spiritual and temporal consequences for living in error.

That this resistance comes images desolations for the just who seek to illumine the respective Peoples. That is, because the Jews repeatedly resisted the Prophets, so the Prophets felt desolations because of their resistance. But they also had the consoloation that God was with them and giving them inner knowledge and mystery.

Similarly, in the last 1700 years, as the Church has probed the depths of Apotsolic Faith, She has had the consoloation that God is always with Her, and She has grown in intimacy of soul with God by deeper understanding of the Christ's Mysteries of Faith. But at each of these stages, desolations from an outer Gentile world that constantly resists the doctrinal development: Islam, Orthodox, Protestant, Deist/Rationalist.

But eventually, a culminating desolations occurs in the illuminative way, a final darkness that is different from the others before it, the most extreme, the dark nigh of the soul. God seems all but absent, all but lost.

Too, the repeated Jewish substages of resistance culminated with a supreme injustice, in which, per Chronicles Scripture, the wickedness and idolatry of the Jewish People had reached a point of no remedy, saving a mega-chastisement. That was the exile.

Similarly, of all the stages before in the Church, the big ones, today's secular godlessness is a supreme desolation, one in which God is totally negated. For the Muslim was still monotheist and supernaturally inclined before God, the Orthodox, practically Catholic, attacking only Peter, really, the Protestants, still basic Christians, with two valid Sacraments and the Scriptures, half of the total Witness to God, and even the Deists and Rationalists lived according to a natural light: the recognition of a minimal sense of Creator, and natural law to strive for, if even on one's own power.

But today's secular messanism is utterly without God, even without recourse to a definitive Creator, and now also even departing from natural law, which can at least be known by reason: promiscuity, disrespect of authority, abortion, substance abuse, homosexuality, frivolous materialism,, and the like.

Too, the Witneesses eventually rap up their primary witness and are "killed by a beast from the abyss", lying dead in the streets, a world celebrating their utter freedom from the torture of conscience. Again, this was the state of the People before their respecitve chastisements:

The Jews in supreme idolatry and sin before Babylon, the modern Gentile world now godless before our coming Chastisement per Catholic mystics abundant.

But "after three days and a half, the breath of life entered the Two Witnesses and they stood upon their feet, and great fear fell upon those who saw them!"

Too, finally, after much warning and patience from God, Babylon came down, as the Prophets had warned, laid horrible waste to the Temple, killed the men, and dragged the women and children off into exile. Suddenly the Jewish People had fear in their eyes, they feared God and His Prophets once again. They repented.

Too, Catholic Prophecy, if correct in the best scenario that can be siphoned, places the modern Gentile world on the precipice of a Chastisement of epic proportions. The world will discover the true and inevitable fruits of all sins and errors against the Catholic Church. It could mean as much as nuclear war, if it comes to that.

But the Gentiles will repent, they will come back to the SPIRITUAL homeland of the Catholic Church, including non-Catholic Christians. The Catholic Church's two thousand year legacy of infallible teaching on faith and morals will be vindicated, even as the OT Prophets were vindicated by Babylon, and the repentance of the Jews, and THEIR return to THEIR holy land, and the rebuilding of THEIR Temple, just as the same Catholic Prophecies speak of a great renewal after the Coming Chastiseent, the rebuiliding of Catholic Christendom, and the ushering in of a great, if even temporary, Age of Peace, to last as long as humanity allows God's grace to rest in their souls.

Too, the Witnesses of Apocalypse 11 are summoned up to heaven, they are assumed, and after a great earthquake, the remainder of men, are affrighted and give glory to God!

Amen, too, after the dark night of soul in the saint, he is vindicated, and rests in the will of God more or less perfectly till He utterly fulfills the WIll of God in martyrdom.

Allelluia, Don't take apocalypse literally, look for deeper Treasures!

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