Type of school your children are in?


If you currently have school aged children, what type of school do they attend?


My children are grown up now (last one just graduated).

They were in a private, secular college-preparatory
"country day school."

It cost a fortune, but we loved it so much that I still volunteer there.

The “country day school” concept is one in which the child’s education, social, artistic, and athletic pursuits are all provided by the school. It started in the Colonial days when the people would sent their kids to school early in the morning and bring them home in the early evening.

Look for one near you.


Other - homeschooled, but now that dd is 17, she will be at the community college for the rest of her classes.


Two in Catholic school. Daughter graduated Catholic school and would not consider a Catholic college. She registered for a religion class for her first semester in college. :slight_smile:


One in Catholic School, 1 in public school, 1 taking a year off from college because he had to move into his own place and discover the expenses of life.


I’m only 13 so I’m voting for myself. I go to a Catholic School. I’ve been there since kindergarten and hoping to go to a Catholic High School.


I have 3 in a non catholic school and 1 in homeschool. I plan to move most of them to homeschool next year. The environment is better and the Catholic background provided is good.


1 elem. age kid here - he’s in public school.


I have three children:

Two enrolled for Catholic school this Fall.

One forced to attend public school because she has Down syndrome and my parish school won’t admit her.


Trying to enroll my daughter for first grade this year in Catholic school if she can pass the assessment they want to administer to her…and I can find a way to pay for it…


6 homeschooled children 2 preschool age–use classical Catholic curriculum.


I’m the eldest of four children. Our family recently switched from Catholic & public schools to homeschooling. We love it. :slight_smile:


One school age child, in Catholic school, previously in public. Hope to have all 3 homeschooled in 2 years when the littles will be big enough and the big will have graduated 8th grade (we have no Catholic high school here :frowning: ).


One sixteen year old in a Jesuit preparatory school. One nineteen year old in a public university, after attending the same Jesuit school. The younger one is a lector at mass in school and can participate in the Sacraments frequently. This has been a blessing.

Christ’s peace.


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