Type2 diabetes

My wife has type 2 diabetes and she has lost interest in sex. As in no sex at all. What are the most approrpiate actions should I initiate?

Have her talk to her doctor about the side effects of her health issues.

God bless…

you can’t take any action, it is a physical problem with a physical solution, and she has to embrace the entire treatment program that we diabetics need. you can’t do it for her, you can’t force her to do it. you can help by making proper diet, exercise etc. priorities for the whole family and making sure you and the kids cooperate with any changes, and don’t put roadblocks in her way.

diabetes is a disease involving hormones, and one hormonal imbalance effects all hormone systems in the body, and until the sugar/insulin thing is regulated, the rest of her body will be out of whack too, thryroid, adrenals, and sex hormones included.

There’s a lot of factors as to what could be causing it.

Is she controlling her diabetes well? Is the diabetes new or advanced?
-Is she practicing tight glucose control?
-Is she on oral hypoglycemics and/or utilizing some form of insulin (i.e. Novolog Flex Pen) Is she compliant with taking these as needed, and is she correctly administering them(for example, the optimal place to administer insulin is in the abdomen)? If she is on insulin, is she using insulin that is not past expiration?
-Does she know the signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia and how to handle that should it arise?
-Is she compliant with seeing her doctor when she is supposed to?
-Is she compliant with her recommended diabetic diet?
-Is the disease advanced to where she is having serious physical side effects that make the physical act of sex difficult?

Or maybe this is more psychological than diabetes-related:
-Is this a new diagnosis that she is possibly depressed about?
-Does she have a knowledge deficit about her condition which makes her scared about what could happen?
-Is the disease advanced enough as to where she is in danger of losing a foot, for example, or, has she already lost her foot or is having other side effects that are forcing her to deal with body image changes?

You should talk to her about why she thinks her libido is down, and go from there. Its a far different route that needs to be traveled if she says its because of constant fatigue or difficulty maintaining sexual positions (i.e. if she has lost her foot), rather than if she says she is scared about her body image.

Depending on what the reason is, talk to her health care provider or look into some counseling/support group.

My husband has type 1 diabetes. Different, I know, but diabetes and depression are very closely linked. Also, insulin is a hormone and if it’s out of balance so is everything else. My husband has little sex drive. I’ve noticed it’s worse when his blood sugar is out of whack - like way high then way low. There really isn’t anything you can do besides encourage her to control the sugars. I will pray for you.

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