Types of Franciscans

What are the different types of Franciscans. I know there are Secular Franciscans for lay persons but priests and others can also be Franciscans with a different title. What are they? Thank you!

Here’s the family tree of the Friars Minor

Here’s the family tree of the Friars Minor

OFM - Order of Friars Minor (The Franciscans, brown habit)
OFM Conventual - Order of Friars Minor, Conventual (They work more in urban areas, grey/black habit)
OFM Capuchin - Order of Friars Minor Capuchin (Stricter observance to Rule of St. Francis, brown habit slightly different from OFM habit)

OSC - Order of St. Clare (Poor Clares, they comprise the “sisters” of the Religious Franciscans, think Mother Angelica from EWTN)

The observances of the Poor Clares:



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