Types of Franciscans


What are the different types of Franciscans. I know there are Secular Franciscans for lay persons but priests and others can also be Franciscans with a different title. What are they? Thank you!


Here’s the family tree of the Friars Minor


Here’s the family tree of the Friars Minor


OFM - Order of Friars Minor (The Franciscans, brown habit)
OFM Conventual - Order of Friars Minor, Conventual (They work more in urban areas, grey/black habit)
OFM Capuchin - Order of Friars Minor Capuchin (Stricter observance to Rule of St. Francis, brown habit slightly different from OFM habit)

OSC - Order of St. Clare (Poor Clares, they comprise the “sisters” of the Religious Franciscans, think Mother Angelica from EWTN)

OFM, OFM Cap., OFM Conv., and TOR

The observances of the Poor Clares:




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