Types of Liturgical Music

My parishes have always had contemporary music (acoustic/folk), but I know there are many other different styles of liturgical music out there.

I’d like to listen to them and learn about them, I just don’t know all of the names of the styles (e.g., Gregorian.)

The preeminent form of music for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is Gregorian. In fact, the authoritative documents of the Holy See, including Musicam Sacram and Sacramentum Caritatis, note that Gregorian Chant has pride of place.

Polyphony is also a type of sacred music that is also favored by the Church, although for a time, it was panned.

I have also been introduced to some truly great Catholic hymns by some of the older Catholics I know. (O Sacrament Most Holy, Immaculate Mary, Hail Holy Queen, e.g.)

When I started at me parish, we too did mostly contemporary music. I have added a lot of the older hymns back and as much Latin as I can. It is a processs I am still working on. Even if most people like the sort of music you have, I know that variety is always appreciated.

Have a listen to www.choraltreasure.org, you will hear lots of chant (Gregorian and other) as well as sacred polyphony. And be aware that the documents of Vatican II singled out Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony by name as music suitable for the Roman liturgy.

Thank you all, and especially for the recommendation of Choral Treasure. It’s great!

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