Types of traditional Catholic music

My apologies if there is another post about this elsewhere, a quick search didn’t turn up what I’m looking for.

I have a the Chant 10th anniversary CD, and I like it a lot. I’m looking for recommendations on other traditional music, but I have no idea of what is out there.

What other categories of music besides Chant are there. Is there a resource that explains the different kinds of music?

I’m sorry if I’m asking basic questions, but I like classical and the Chant CD I have. I’d like to see what else is available.

Thanks in advance!

There’s tons of music!

We had a good discussion on this recently on this forum. I only post it here because people included good links to listen to stuff on youtube.


Now, you have Chant yes, but you also have renaissance music.

Famous Catholic composers to check out would include:

William Byrd
and others

Type these composers names into your favorite place to buy music and type “mass” as well. You will get tons of stuff.

My favorite religious music is music from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Of course, I like Baroque music too, Bach is a prime example.

But for me, nothing beats Chant and Renaissance polyphony for the Mass.

Let’s not forget that we had great congregational hymns in English as well. We just sang
“Praise to the Lord” and “Holy God We Praise Thy Name” at my cathedral parish at Sunday Mass two weeks ago and raised the roof.


I have begun collecting CD’s of Sacred Polyphony and I really like Palestrina, and others that have been mentioned above. I would also recommend “Sacred Treasures II” and “Sacred Treasures III”. The last one has some extremely beautiful Russian Chant and polyphony for the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, by Rachmaninov.

And then there is Palestrina, “Missa Papae Marcelli” and “Lamentations” by the Oxford Camerata.

BTW Youtube has some exellent polyphony. I have been bitten by “Chant of the Knights Templar” by Caliixtus (think I spelled that right).

Our Catholic music heritage is a vast and beautiful thing. And yes, I too like some Hymns but prefer polyphony.

There’s Gregorian Chant, of course, and its sister Sacred Polyphony. There’s also Old Roman Chant (which is one of my favorite kinds of music), Byzantine Chant, Mozarabic Chant, Gothic Chant, Corsican Chant, Ambrosian Chant, and several other kinds. It is also possible that the reconstructed original melodies of the Psalms and biblical canticles could be considered Sacred Music.

I have several Russian chant CDs and love them.

I can’t help myself. We have such rich treasures as Catholics. No particular order to this but some of my favorites:


youtube.com/watch?v=0z-hq8l2LM8 I love Monteverdi!


youtube.com/watch?v=XvZqyx0atZQ Haydn wrote many Masses and these were not concert pieces but composed for Mass.

youtube.com/watch?v=9XZCCR7DDUA I actually got to sing this entire Requiem Mass (sans orchestra) for our Bishop’s funeral.

youtube.com/watch?v=J2iMbTHPrc8 Ok, this one is a guilty pleasure. Berlioz reaches back into the Renaissance with polyphonic brass choirs.

I could go on and on.

Thank so much. I’ll look into these.

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