Typical new priest: 32-year-old cradle Catholic who prays Rosary, takes part in Eucharistic adoration [CWN]

The typical member of the priestly ordination class of 2013 is a 32-year-old cradle Catholic who has three or more siblings and prayed the Rosary regularly before entering seminary, …


Typical ?

Typical is probably the wrong word. Average (in statistical terms at least) might be a better way of putting it.

The information is taken from a survey of the 2013 ordinand class in the US can can be found here

Forty percent were the “child which opened the womb”–first-borns. That is biblically significant.

Not only was the first-born a gift like the first fruits, but they also had natural leadership skills. Ain’t our God smart!?


I find this encouraging, the renewal of the Church that JPII predicted is going to take place soon, and these are good signs. Priests that pray the rosary regularly and adore Christ in the Eucharist often will obtain the grace to be good sowers.

A general observation I have also made is that this new generation of Catholics is decisively orthodox. Seminarians also seem to be more orthodox.

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