Typical new US priest: 32-year-old who prays Rosary, takes part in Eucharistic adoration [CWN]

The typical member of the priestly ordination class of 2014 is a 32-year-old cradle Catholic who has three or more siblings, according to a survey of 365 of the 477 men slated to be …


Those are some fun stats! :thumbsup:

One stat that stood out to me (among many) was…

80% had served as altar servers, 52% as readers, and 42% as extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion before entering seminary :thumbsup:

We should not underestimate the importance of male altar servers!


:thumbsup: Agreed!

Where was it again:confused:
here we go:thumbsup:


That is exactly how my parish is NOW.

We have about 70 altar BOYS. Before each Mass, Father leads them in a prayer asking for enlightenment on a vocation to the priesthood.

And it’s working too.

Out of a parish of about 800 families, we have 6 men in the Seminiary right now, and have had 6 other men from our parish Ordained to the priesthood in the last 10 years.


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