What are some books that I can read about biblical typology? Thanks!


I’ve never seen a book dedicated to typology. I have maybe 200 books in my library, both Jewish Commentaries and Christian commentaries. Some people say the Jews stay away from typology, because they don’t want to admit that there is typology in the Hebrew scriptures, but then later I found Jewish commentaries that admit to typology in scripture, but they define the typology in non-christian ways.

My non-expert opinion (meaning I am open to correction any day of the week) is that typology takes some familiarity with the whole Catholic Bible, where you can begin to see the typology – the early suggestion of some aspect of the revelation of Jesus Christ.

So, the Jewish priesthood and particularly the high priest, is a type of Christ. The physical temple is a type pointing to Christ, who becomes the new Temple Himself. The offerings of bread and wine by Melchizedek is/are a “type” of the Eucharist. Benedict XVI wrote that three part series on Jesus of Nazareth, and I think he brings out a lot of typology (as I understand it). Especially, Vol 1 has a lot of typology in it.

As I understand typology, something earlier is representative of something or connected with something that comes later. So, the tree of life in Eden represents Christ, who brings eternal life. similarly, the manna from heaven. As Benedict says, Christ is the focus of all scripture.

Thus, my understanding includes metaphors in typology, where scholars may distinguish metaphors from true typology, whatever that may be.


Here is a webpage on that subject.

Types and Typology in the Bible

Do you have more questions besides what this webpage addresses ?



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